Feng Shui 2018 According To Joey Yap (Part 3)

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Part 1 : Outlook for 2018

According to Joey Yap, the top 5 animal signs for 2018 are 
1. Ox
2. Snake
3. Goat
4. Horse
5. Pig

Now look at your Personal Bazi Chart (PBC). Do you have any of these animals? 
If you are unfortunate enough not to have even one of them, then check your spouse's PBC. If he or she has these animal signs, you can 'borrow' from him or her.

What happens if your PBC have none of these top 5 animals, and also have no Fire, Wood and Metal (the top  3 elements for 2018)? This year would not be a good year for you. This is not the end of the world, it just means that you should not do anything 'big' this year. Lie low. The logic is if you do nothing, nothing bad can possibly happen to you. 

If however, you have the top animal signs and you have the good elements in your PBC, then you should do more in 2018. Take risk, launch your business, work harder in 2018. 

The problem is most people do the exact opposite - when they have all the good signs, they do nothing. So nothing good happens to them. Then when they have the bad signs, they do everything (eg. change job, get married, launch a new business etc. etc) so they end up suffering from all sorts of bad luck. 

Regardless of whether you have a good or bad year, you can always use feng shui to improve your situation. There are two types of feng shui
1. Long term feng shui
2. Short term feng shui

Long term feng shui is for long term goals while short term feng shui is for short term goals, usually within one year. For buying property to stay or invest, and build a multi million dollar business, use long term feng shui. Whereas to increase income, find a boyfriend/girlfriend, or heal a sickness, use short term feng shui.

To change feng shui, there are 2 ways. Either
1. Change environment - eg. change room or
2. Stay in the same sector, but change activities. You don't always need to add elements.

For short term feng shui, we use the Flying Star Chart.
Below is the Flying Star Chart for 2018.

Image taken from seminar booklet

Superimpose the Flying Star Chart onto your house plan so that you know exactly which part of your house is in which sector. To do this, stand somewhere in the middle of your house and use a compass to identify the sectors.

The good sectors this year are South East, South, South West and North West.

The most important sector in 2018 is South East (Wealth Star 8). To make use of this Wealth Star, spend more time here doing business related activity.

Another good sector is South West (Star 6). If you have ideas to start your own business, spending time in this sector will help you make your ideas come true. Basically, it turns your ideas into reality.

North West is the Nobility sector. Spending time in this sector will help you to meet noble people. To get to where you want to go or to succeed in your business, you need the knowledge which you can acquire either from reading books or from being taught by someone who knows. If you are looking to learn from someone, then this Nobility star will help you attract that someone to you.

Joey Yap said it is not necessary to sleep in these sectors. You do not have to turn any of these rooms into your bedroom. Instead, spending more time doing your work in these sectors will be more effective.

Last year, South was not a good sector (with the Five Yellow there), but this year, the South with the Academic Star 4 is fantastic. Since almost anything you want in life is achievable as long as you know how, this sector is therefore very important to help you gain knowledge and know-how. It may be the most important star if you desire to change anything in your life. And especially so in 2018, as the unique combination of the 4 and 1 (star 4 and South) - activate most of the positive energies of Star 4.

The bad sectors for 2018 are North, North East, East and West.

The West is inflicted with Illness Star 2 and although it is not a good sector for health, it is however a good sector to be productive and achieve a lot of greatness in business due to the 2 - 7 combination of the Star 2 entering the West.

Argument Star 3 enters North East this year. Although staying in this sector causes more arguments, the combination of 3 - 8 (Star 3 and NorthEast) however helps you to break through and conquer your fears. If you feel stuck in your relationship or career, consider using this sector to help you break through.

Robbery Star 7 in the East does not seem like a good sector, as you stand the chance of being robbed or have your belongings stolen. However, the 3 - 7 combination of East and Star 7 is actually great for making money especially if your business involves talking and teaching.

That leaves us with the one and only really bad sector for 2018 - the North. This is where the dreaded 5 Yellow resides this year. But the bad news is, the North is also afflicted by the 3 Killings this year, so it's kind of a double whammy. More on this 5 Yellow affliction in Part 4.

However, the severity of the afflictions differ according to your Life Star number.

To know your Life Star number, simply download your Personal Bazi Chart from Joey Yap's website HERE.

This is an example of a Bazi Chart from the site. The Life Star number is circled in blue.

Once you know what your Life Star number is, look at the illustration below. I did not manage to take a photo of it during the seminar, so I had to draw this out. This is the 2018 Flying Star Chart with the respective flying star numbers in each of the nine sectors.

Note : Updated with an actual photo from the seminar, thanks to a kind reader. 

The small numbers outside the chart are the Life Star numbers. The red Life Star numbers are good while the black numbers are not.

For example, in the West, Illness Star 2 affects only people with Life Star number 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 (black numbers). If your Life Star is number 2, 5, 8 or 9 (red numbers), you won't be affected much by this illness star even if you sleep or work in this sector. Technical Explanation : The combo 2- 7 (Star 2 and West) makes fire. Fire that is strong produces 2, 5, 8 (Earth) and strengthen the Star 9 (Fire).

In the North East where the Argument Star 3 resides, people with Life Star number 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 will have breakthrough but with arguments. People with Life Star number 3, 4 and 9 will have breakthrough only, no argument for them.

If you stay in the East where the Robbery Star 7 is, you will have a good chance of getting robbed if your Life Star number is 6, 7 or 9. However, if your Life Star number is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8, you will actually make more money!

Although Wealth Star 8 resides in South East this year, don't expect too much if your Life Star number is 1, 3 or 4. On the other hand, if your Life Star number is 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, you should make use of this sector to increase your wealth.

The worst sector which is North with the dreaded Five Yellow affects those with Life Star number 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 badly. However, if your Life Star number is 5, 6 or 7,  you won't be affected too much by this Five Yellow.

In Part 4, we are going to look at the other major afflictions for 2018 (eg. Grand Duke, Year Breaker, Five Yellow, Three Killings) and what to do about them. Plus the activation date and time for wealth, health, relationships and more. Stay tuned :)