Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng @ Seng Lee Coffee Shop

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After visiting Wat Chayamangkalaram, I realised it was time for lunch. Despite the sky threatening to rain at any time, I walked towards Jalan Burmah hoping to find the famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.

On the way, I passed by the Pulau Tikus Police Station.

 photo P1220973_zps9e432cee.jpg

And the Sin Hwa Coffee Shop which is famous for their Penang char koay teow.

 photo P1220972_zps4021cc50.jpg

Soon, I reached this building which on one side faces Jalan Burmah and the other faces Bangkok Lane.

 photo P1220969_zpsd3f3fc04.jpg

It's Seng Lee Coffee Shop.

 photo P1220970_zps76e6a268.jpg

In this coffee shop is the famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng, so called because the mee goreng stall faces Bangkok Lane.

 photo P1220967_zps0ee0fb64.jpg

To readers who are not familiar with mee goreng, it is actually fried noodles. In this case, it is Indian fried noodles. You can order your mee goreng plain or with squids and eggs. You can even mix the mee goreng with mee rebus if you like.

 photo P1220968_zpsb79ccad7.jpg

My plate of piping hot mee goreng complete with extra squids and eggs for RM5.

 photo P1220964_zps9bd43682.jpg

How did I find it? Well, it was a bit too soggy to me. Other than that, it was pretty fine. I have to say though, that I am not a huge fan of mee goreng as I feel it is oily and not very healthy. Haha! I guess eating it once in a while is OK.

 photo P1220966_zps7e8d36ac.jpg

Interestingly, the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng stall has been around for more than 80 years. That's a very long time!

If you plan to try this mee goreng, do take note that the stall operates everyday from 8am to 6pm except on Mondays.