My Very First Halong Bay Cruise (Part 1)

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On my third day in Hanoi, my friend and I decided to go for an excursion outside of Hanoi city. We booked for a day-trip to Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that we just knew we must not miss!

I actually booked the trip at Sinh Cafe Travel on the first day I arrived in Hanoi. The price for the one-day trip was US$25 per person.

 photo P1210100_zps34a9eea6.jpg

After an early breakfast at our hotel, we waited for the tour guide who came at around 8am. We were among the early ones so the tour bus was quite empty when we boarded it. However, it filled up pretty fast as the bus went round to other hotels to pick up more passengers.

Halong Bay is about 3 hours from Hanoi, but due to the picking up of passengers and a stop midway at a souvenir shop, we only reached our destination after 4 hours.

 photo P1210102_zps74387bfe.jpg

I did not buy anything at the souvenir shop. Instead I spent my time taking pictures of these statues outside the shop. LOL!

 photo P1210104_zpsb20ca273.jpg

My friend bought something (I could not remember what) which I expected as he always buys something at souvenir shops. LOL!

 photo P1210106_zps5b959f43.jpg

The place was filled with statues and stone carvings.

 photo P1210108_zps5326c66f.jpg

I like this Buddha statue.

 photo P1210109_zps863ccad5.jpg

So after some half an hour or so wasting my time walking around, it was time to board the bus again.

 photo P1210110_zpse198f346.jpg

Oh look! One of the passengers wore a Mickey Mouse hat! Haha.

 photo P1210111_zps45574b93.jpg

Our bus reached the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf at about 12.30pm. If we had not stopped at the souvenir shop, we would have reached here much earlier. I guess you could never skip a souvenir shop when you follow tours right?

 photo P1210112_zpsfccf8069.jpg

Here, we waited to board our junk boat. But first, our tour guide gave us our tickets. She said to keep them as souvenirs. I was fine with that until I saw the price on the ticket - only 80,000 VND (US$3.75) and we paid the tour agent US$25!

 photo P1260651_zpsafe7d193.jpg

Of course, I did not factor in the cost of the bus transportation from Hanoi and back, but it would definitely be much cheaper if my friend and I were to go on our own. However, following the tour group was really not a bad idea at all as it would be less of a hassle to book the boat on our own.

There were a lot of people at this tourist wharf. In fact it was quite crowded with tourists from all over the world, and of course the local Vietnamese people too. During the waiting period, I did some people watching and was able to categorize the tourists into backpackers, family travellers and the wealthy tourists.

 photo P1210113_zpscd4684dd.jpg

Look at the row of junk boats lining up at the wharf!

 photo P1210114_zps4ab0a640.jpg

We did not sit in those type of boat. I guess they were much cheaper.

 photo P1210115_zpsf44d6d1a.jpg

Instead, our boat looked something like these in the picture below.

 photo P1210117_zps2a484323.jpg

This is our boat - the one on the right with the name 'Hai Thanh 18' (word partly blocked in the picture).

 photo P1210118_zps2c08e300.jpg

We entered the boat. The young lady in blue jacket (second person from left) is our tour guide.

 photo P1210121_zpsa47b2588.jpg

Once everyone got on board the boat (I think there were altogether about 20 of us), the cruise officially began!

 photo P1210124_zps3f63d3c3.jpg

Halong Bay looks like the stuff of legends! Ha Long actually means 'Descending Dragon'. According to a legend, a celestial dragon once flung itself into the sea, creating deep valleys and crevices in the earth, and Halong Bay was born.

Somehow, this Halong Bay cruise reminded me of a very similar cruise I had in Guilin, China 5 years ago. Read about my Li River cruise HERE.

 photo P1210126_zpsb5c6fbcc.jpg

Both were amazing in terms of the scenery but the difference was that it was much colder in Halong Bay. But that's because I went for the Li River Cruise in Guilin during summer! And I was in Halong Bay during the colder month of March.

 photo P1210128_zps2af03abe.jpg

Even the mountain karsts in Halong Bay were partly shrouded in mists, which made them look somewhat ethereal.

 photo P1210129_zps344ffb80.jpg

I believe that if I were to go on this cruise a month or two earlier, it would be quite difficult to see the mountains properly. The mists would probably be too thick.

 photo P1210130_zps1a94a912.jpg

I guess I must have chosen the perfect time to visit this amazing national treasure of Vietnam! Although some people would prefer it to be all sunny and clear skies. Well, not me haha!

 photo P1210132_zpse950a1ff.jpg

I think if I had not visited Li River in Guilin before, I would be very impressed with Halong Bay.

There were many other boats plying the same route.

 photo P1210133_zps81b2a8ab.jpg

Everyone was admiring the beautiful scenery all around and busy taking pictures.

 photo P1210134_zps0c8d49e7.jpg

I was busy snapping pictures too. You won't believe how many photos I took!

 photo P1210138_zps33c232ef.jpg

Meals were provided on the cruise. I did not take any photos of the food as they were nothing really special. Since my friend and I sat at the same table with a Japanese couple and their two children, we had some fun talking to them.

 photo P1210139_zpsd505d9ff.jpg

I also made friends with tourists from Turkmenistan, Laos, Canada and Hong Kong. So many different nationalities on our boat!

 photo P1210142_zps39706c5f.jpg

Soon, we arrived at a fishing village.

 photo P1210143_zpsd66ac591.jpg

Yes, a fishing village in the middle of nowhere. Or so it seemed to me.

 photo P1210144_zpsff3b16e0.jpg

According to our tour guide, we would be stopping here for about 2 hours.

 photo P1210150_zps319b10aa.jpg

Our boat docked at a floating platform.

 photo P1210152_zps8f7e63b8.jpg

What were we going to do here for 2 hours? Well, it was time to do some kayaking! We were given life jackets to put on.

 photo P1210151_zps68ecdc30.jpg

You can choose to go kayaking, or sit on a small sampan while someone does the rowing. Or you can simply choose to stay on the floating platform and just enjoy the scenery and do absolutely nothing!

 photo P1210154_zps7cc23b5b.jpg

I thought it would be such a waste if I just stayed back on the floating platform while watching the others enjoy themselves on the water, so I chose kayaking. That, despite not knowing how to swim or even how to use that double-bladed paddle. LOL!

 photo P1210157_zpsd3f39295.jpg

My friend was not as adventurous as me and he chose to relax on the sampan with another tourist. Actually I did not mind going for that too. It would be nice just to relax, so why the hell did I choose kayaking?! I almost regretted my decision.

 photo P1210158_zpscda9030e.jpg

The Japanese couple with their two children on the sampan. How nice relaxing on a sampan!

 photo P1210168_zps6df7813e.jpg

Empty sampan waiting for someone to get on it. That won't be me of course, as you need to pay tips to the rower and I did not want to bear the entire cost with no one to share with me. Haha!

 photo P1210160_zps7047e6cd.jpg

OK, I just got to take this picture.

 photo P1210161_zps6e6890f1.jpg

Simply because the person was wearing a conical hat on a sampan on the waters of Halong Bay. Conical hats are so synonymous with Vietnam that you just cannot NOT snap this picture! LOL.

Before I jumped into a kayak, I took some time to observe how the others fare.

 photo P1210163_zps56aa15c5.jpg

There can only be 2 people on a kayak. And I was alone. Worse, I do not know how to kayak. So how would I be able to go kayaking? It would be an almost impossible feat!

 photo P1210165_zps05f18fd4.jpg

Luckily, my tour guide noticed my problem and got a fisherman to go kayaking with me. For free. Wow! How nice of her! Thank you so much!

So I sat in front, and the fisherman (sorry did not know his name even after he introduced himself. I was extremely nervous!! Haha!) sat at the back. He did most of the paddling. I just held the paddle and did some random rowing.

From this point onwards, please excuse me if the photos are not as sharp as they should be. It's not that my hands were shaking (although I must say that is partly true LOL!) but because I did not dare bring my camera along. What if I dropped the camera into the sea? That would spoil my whole trip!

 photo HalongBay2_zps0cce3096.jpg

So I just took my iPhone along. And it's just an iPhone 3GS, so the photos were not especially good. And I had to hold the paddle at the same time while taking photos so it was pretty tough. I was really lucky that my iPhone did not slip from my hands and drop into the water!

I did not talk much with the fisherman behind me. He did not know much English and I did not know a single word of Vietnamese. So it was just sign language between us.

At one point, we were approaching a cave tunnel.

 photo HalongBay3_zpsc5560ed6.jpg

I was a little apprehensive going under the cave but when we passed through, it was like a different world on the other side. I had no pictures to show but it was so calm and beautiful on the other side. I looked up the mountain karst and saw birds flying in the mists. It was almost like a dream.

 photo HalongBay4_zps5e66e8fe.jpg

I think I spent about one hour or so kayaking. It was such an amazing experience. And quite scary too. There were times when I though the kayak would flip over, and there were times when we were so near the rocks I thought we would hit them.

 photo HalongBay5_zps1309682e.jpg

So do I know how to kayak after this experience? No, I don't think so. But it was fun and I do not mind going kayaking again in future!

Soon, it was time to get back onto our boat. Where would be going next? Stay tuned to find out in Part 2.

To be continued ....