2014 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 1)

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It's the time of the year again! Yes, I am talking about Christmas!

Every year, without fail, shopping malls and hotels in the Klang Valley would put up Christmas decorations a few weeks before Christmas day. This year, I spotted a few really good ones so I guess I will start with the cream of the crop - Pavilion KL.

 photo P1270030_zps2fa26f8d.jpg

There is a huge Santa Claus at Pavilion this year. But strangely, this is not the usual fat Santa we are accustomed to. No, this Santa is slim and looks more like Merlin the magician! LOL!

 photo P1260668_zpsa852fcbf.jpg

There are still some recycled items from past years but that's to be expected.

 photo P1260675_zpsd77cd04e.jpg

Look at the tall Santa in the middle!

 photo P1260682_zps83ee7112.jpg

View from the back of Santa.

 photo P1260685_zps6873bbce.jpg

OK, this one looks more like the Santa we are used to. Haha!

 photo P1260687_zps1c731cca.jpg

There are many elves at Pavilion this year. And the interesting thing is, they move! Yes, they are not just standing there all static and unmoving.

 photo P1260691_zps77fc0fa6.jpg

Like this elf in the box - he (or is it she?) keeps lifting up the lid and then closing it again.

 photo P1260708_zps52fe4ae4.jpg

The theme for Pavilion this year is Christmas Magnificence. Lovely!

 photo P1260706_zpsf854f66e.jpg

The view of the tall Santa from below.

 photo P1260693_zpsf24312c5.jpg

Would you like to sit on that beautiful majestic chair? LOL!

 photo P1260711_zpscc8533bb.jpg

Cute snowmen playing musical instruments.

 photo P1260694_zps9101f577.jpg

I can't remember if they move and dance though.

 photo P1260696_zps5d6c760c.jpg

Beautiful white glistening reindeer.

 photo P1260719_zps26c338f7.jpg

Nice reindeer - I wanna take it home!

 photo P1260720_zpsb7b329de.jpg

More elves!

 photo P1260700_zpsbf3ff2db.jpg

Is that a polar bear?

 photo P1260702_zpsd88872d8.jpg

A huge red ribbon at the top of the stairs leading down to the main concourse.

 photo P1260699_zps1fa6b571.jpg

View of the tall Santa and the surrounding decorations from the stairs.

 photo P1260723_zpsc3de4a74.jpg

At the front entrance of Pavilion, there are more elves!

 photo P1260724_zpsa6e3231c.jpg

Like this one, but someone told me she is a little scary, like Annabelle. Hahaha! OK, I can imagine her moving around inside the mall when it's closed for the night. Creepy.

 photo P1260725_zpsd9fd158a.jpg

This is very cute! Elves dancing in a merry go round platform.

 photo P1260726_zps13993e7c.jpg

I made a short recording of the elves moving in a merry go round and placed it on Instagram.

 photo P1260729_zps2796598a.jpg

You can watch the recording HERE.

The outside entrance of Pavilion facing the Bukit Bintang road.

 photo P1260730_zps315ca84e.jpg

The view of the entrance from the inside.

 photo P1260679_zps12bdf95f.jpg

Do you like the Christmas decorations at Pavilion KL this year?

 photo P1260732_zps05955c2f.jpg

For me, the decorations evoked a very Christmassy feeling, so I love it very, very much!

Guess what? I happened to stumble upon KL's most beautiful and creative Christmas tree this year! It's at Shangri-la Hotel KL!

 photo P1260862_zpsf97af62f.jpg

One look and you will notice that this is no ordinary Christmas tree.

 photo P1260870_zpsf93b9632.jpg

It is filled with toys and Christmas stuffs and that's not all. It also rotates!

 photo P1260863_zps16055043.jpg

A close shot of the tree.

 photo P1260879_zps0508c14b.jpg

The tree looks beautiful from a distance too.

 photo P1260882_zps7676d975.jpg

I went up one floor above to take another shot of the Christmas tree.

 photo P1260884_zps41cd3569.jpg

Tin soldiers on top of the tree.

 photo P1260894_zps04fea117.jpg

I recorded the platforms on the tree rotating and put it up on Instagram. Watch it HERE. By the way, do join me on Instagram too, if you like.

 photo P1260901_zps74eee7db.jpg

I really love this creative and beautiful rotating Christmas tree at Shangri-la KL! How I wish I can have it in my house!

If you travel to KL often, you will notice a very huge Christmas tree at the corner junction of Jalan P. Ramlee and Jalan Sultan Ismail near Menara Hap Seng.

 photo P1260917_zps2f25eecd.jpg

This has got to be my favourite Christmas tree of the year.

 photo P1260921_zps4b92cdc1.jpg

It's too bad that the sky was quite dark and it was about to rain when I took this photo. Otherwise, the tree would certainly looked nicer.

 photo P1260923_zpse3a28341.jpg

Oddly, this tree looked much better in the daytime than during the night. So I decided to take a picture of it during the day.

 photo P1260924_zps049b7859.jpg

Love the shimmering reflective ornaments on the tree!

 photo P1260926_zps13980f28.jpg

The best part of this tall Christmas tree is the view of KL Tower in the background. Beautiful!

 photo P1260932_zps5577423d.jpg

I will be sharing more Christmas decorations in the other parts of Klang Valley in Part 2, so stay tuned.

To be continued ...