My Very First Halong Bay Cruise (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

After my kayaking adventure was over, it was time to get back on the boat. Our tour guide told us that we would be heading towards Thien Cung Grotto.

 photo P1210169_zps09d0837b.jpg

At one point during our journey on the cruise, the weather became very misty.

 photo P1210172_zpsdbf58251.jpg

I thought it would stay like that, but the mist soon cleared up.

 photo P1210180_zps0690fdef.jpg

Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, this relaxing boat ride offered countless photo-taking opportunities.

 photo P1210184_zpsc5a32fee.jpg

Soon, our boat reached Dao Go Island where Dong Thien Cung or Thien Cung Grotto is located. 

 photo P1210188_zps7f219157.jpg

There were many boats at the dock area.

 photo P1210190_zpsf52124b8.jpg

From the dock area, we needed to walk some distance to reach the cave.

 photo P1210191_zpsbfa4ab84.jpg

We reached an area with a number of informative signboards.

 photo P1210193_zpsa0302345.jpg

A huge signboard with the words "Dong Thien Cung" welcomed us.

 photo P1210194_zps3a9fa618.jpg

Also known as Heavenly Cave, Dong Thien Cung is a famous tourist destination in Halong Bay. To reach the cave entrance, we needed to climb up the stairs. Yes, the entrance of the cave is located somewhere in the middle of a hill.

 photo P1210195_zps46fa053b.jpg

It was not difficult to walk up these stairs, but if you have a problem with climbing stairs, you may find it quite troublesome.

 photo P1210196_zps3dc2cffc.jpg

Once inside the cave, we could see many colored artificial lights shining on the various shapes and structures of the stalactites and stalagmites.

 photo P1210198_zpscfebb940.jpg

Our tour guide was helpful in pointing out some of the shapes that resemble dragons, animals and even human's private parts!

 photo P1210199_zps31f37a8f.jpg

I was not actually interested in what our tour guide had to say, so I did not really bother to identify the shapes and take pictures of them.

 photo P1210201_zpsab4c2e14.jpg

The cave was beautiful, but that's because of the effect of the coloured lightings. I was not particularly impressed as I have seen nicer and more beautiful caves.

 photo P1210202_zps20d0f26e.jpg

The floor of the cave was a little slippery so just be careful when you visit this cave and remember to wear a good pair of shoes.

 photo P1210204_zps81b45229.jpg

Coming out of the cave was quite a relief for me. To be honest, the panoramic view of Halong Bay that greeted us on our way out was way more exciting than the cave itself! LOL!

 photo P1210206_zps6899fe3d.jpg

Love the scenery from up here!

 photo P1210207_zps39acc8e8.jpg

That's our boat below - with the blue signboard - waiting for us!

 photo P1210211_zps9dab72bb.jpg

We had spent about an hour visiting Thien Cung Grotto. It was time to leave.

 photo P1210219_zpsd37d4475.jpg

Back on the boat, it was another hour of leisure ride before we reached the wharf, which marked the end of our Halong Bay trip. After that we got back on our tour bus and began the 4 hour journey back (with the customary stop at a souvenir shop as expected) to Hanoi.

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I had enjoyed my one-day Halong Bay cruise. I did not think it is necessary to stay in Halong Bay overnight or even for a few nights, but some people may disagree with me on this.

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It all depends on what you like to do. If you like to go kayaking, swimming and visiting lots of caves, then staying in Halong Bay for two or three days may be worth your while.

Otherwise, stick to the one-day tour of Halong Bay and you won't regret it.