2014 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Christmas mood is in the air right here in Klang Valley and you can feel it with all the Christmas decorations being put up in the malls.

It's White Christmas at The Curve in Petaling Jaya!

 photo P1260789_zpsc36a6164.jpg

Look! There's a Santa Claus sitting on the roof!

 photo P1260750_zpsa19dbe78.jpg

A closer shot of Santa from below.

 photo P1260767_zpse480d330.jpg

Lovely snowman and reindeers! And I like the Christmas trees with the beautiful ornaments.

 photo P1260768_zpsd1a1d9d1.jpg

These life-size reindeers are cute!

 photo P1260773_zpsce8cdfa7.jpg

Santa's empty sleigh.

 photo P1260761_zps82caad9a.jpg

Smiling snowman.

 photo P1260752_zps63571537.jpg

The decorations made me smile.

 photo IMG_20141209_142558_1_zpsec7a694f.jpg

Glass reindeers opposite Starbucks.

 photo P1260785_zps507c1014.jpg

A tall Christmas tree in front of e-Curve. This will probably look better at night.

 photo P1260797_zps98219959.jpg

The Christmas decoration at Paradigm Mall is somewhat different as it has a medieval touch to it.

 photo P1260748_zpsc1333c6c.jpg

Actually I like the candles!

 photo P1260739_zpse0bac012.jpg

But unfortunately, the decoration does not give me a Chrismassy feeling.

 photo P1260737_zps05c37f14.jpg

I did not have a camera with me at Tropicana City Mall so I had to make do with my Xiaomi phone.

 photo IMG_20141216_132224_1_zps44871647.jpg

Everything is inflatable here. There are inflatable flying reindeers and inflatable Santa Claus on his inflatable sleigh.

 photo IMG_20141216_132534_1_zps2a1ce9a0.jpg

Inflatable snowmen and inflatable Christmas trees. Pretty cute!

 photo IMG_20141216_131830_1_zpse70b11cb.jpg

It's all fashion at The Gardens Mall in KL!

 photo P1260812_zps622b8c0a.jpg

Fashion and flowers to be exact!

 photo P1260808_zps8e96bd61.jpg

I am not exactly sure what the theme is for this year's Christmas decoration at The Gardens, but it seems that if you Instagram a photo of yourself with these mannequins, you will stand a chance to win prizes!

 photo P1260810_zpsbf225635.jpg

But do not rush over to the Gardens now - it's too late. The contest ended a few days ago! LOL!

 photo P1260811_zps0620ffec.jpg

OK, I like this one the most.

 photo P1260802_zpsb6eec271.jpg

Looks classy and nice.

 photo P1260806_zps261272b2.jpg

Next door, the Mid Valley Megamall has been turned into a Christmas fairyland of sorts complete with giant mushrooms, flowers and furry animals.

 photo P1260861_zps2be522de.jpg

Look at those giant mushrooms!

 photo P1260846_zps58bf28b2.jpg

 photo P1260836_zps2762904f.jpg

Furry animals that look like they have just walked out of a storybook.

 photo P1260831_zpsbac6414f.jpg

 photo P1260828_zps5101e7a4.jpg

 photo P1260829_zps4a893bcc.jpg

I think children will love this decoration. Me? Not really my type of Christmas!

 photo P1260820_zps5d1598eb.jpg

Did you know that there's a very tall Christmas tree at Suria KLCC?

 photo P1260960_zpsc1d4b32e.jpg

In fact, it is the tallest Christmas tree in Malaysia estimated to be 32 metres (or 105 feet) in height! Located at the Esplanade, it is quite a sight to behold. And it is made even grander with the majestic Petronas Twin Towers in the background!

 photo P1260966_zpsb018a006.jpg

It was a cloudy day when I took this picture. In fact, it started raining right after I took the picture!

 photo P1260967_zps53e6afab.jpg

Inside Suria KLCC, at the main concourse, stands another tall Christmas tree, albeit a smaller one.

 photo P1260950_zpsf88fc3df.jpg

The decorations are actually pretty good. Closer shots evoke a Chrismassy feeling.

 photo P1260985_zpsccfaf8e4.jpg

Complete with toy soldiers, elfs, Santa Claus and a rocking horse.

 photo P1260989_zps1461f312.jpg

Very colorful!

 photo P1260990_zps7974621e.jpg

Giant toys, and hot air balloons galore at Fahrenheit 88 mall in KL this year.

 photo P1260992_zpsafcc78b2.jpg

Their version of a Christmas tree.

 photo P1260999_zpsc0527256.jpg

I like this smiling snowman! So cheerful!

 photo P1260997_zps73520191.jpg

A bespectacled Santa Claus.

 photo P1270012_zpsb5d9d04a.jpg

I thought this Joker looks pretty cool.

 photo P1270015_zps9cc9f0d2.jpg

If you were to walk along Jalan Bukit Bintang opposite Pavilion KL near to Starhill and JW Marriott, you will see a row of angels playing some form of musical instruments.

 photo P1270018_zpsbc2411d1.jpg

The angels will lead you to a Christmas tree at the end.

 photo P1270020_zpsa0434c22.jpg

The angels will probably look nicer when lighted up at night, but they still look pretty good in the daytime.

 photo P1270023_zpsdef8c1c5.jpg

I did not visit Berjaya Times Square (for the largest Christmas tree in Malaysia), Sunway Pyramid and Empire Shopping Gallery this year. I did however visit 1Utama and Avenue K but I am afraid the photos are not worth sharing. Oh well, maybe I will share the photos in another post but the Christmas decorations at 1Utama is really, really horrible.

What do you think of the Christmas decorations in Klang Valley this year? Which are your favourites? Oh by the way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!