My Visit To Kim Lien Pagoda At West Lake, Hanoi

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From the Phu Tay Ho Temple, I took a motorbike ride to Kim Lien Pagoda (Chua Kim Lien) which is not very far away, probably about 5 minutes ride.

Arriving at the front gate of Kim Lien Pagoda, I instructed my driver to wait for me before entering the temple compound. There are many pagodas around West Lake (Ho Tay) and I would need the driver to get me to these temples.

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The wooden entrance gate looked unusual as it has three arches and multiple roofs with sword shapes at the edges. I entered via a smaller gate at the side as the main gate was closed.

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Also known as the Golden Lotus Pagoda, Chua Kim Lien is considered one of the most ancient Buddhist temples in Hanoi. From the lake, the pagoda looks like a golden lotus floating on the water's surface.

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I like the architectural design of this temple, especially its curved roof, door and circular windows.

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There was an information board on the wall but it was all written in Vietnamese language.

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According to legend, the pagoda was built in the 12th century by Princess Tu Hoa, who later moved in and taught the locals how to rear silkworms to make silk.

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I saw many flower pots hanging along the wall of the temple.

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Cute looking bells.

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The temple compound was very quiet during my visit. There were not many people around. I only saw two or three tourists. I did not step into the temple, but just walked around the temple compound.

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Lotus-shaped decoration hanging from the ceiling.

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Bat-shaped decorations that are considered auspicious.

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View of a small pond next to the temple.

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Despite numerous renovations being done throughout the years, the pagoda managed to retain its unique architectural style.

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Once I was outside Kim Lien Pagoda, I was greeted by my motorbike driver who was all eager to take me to my next destination, which was of course another pagoda. Temple-hopping around West Lake is definitely an activity you should not miss!