My Lunch @ New Day Restaurant In Hanoi

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My very first taste of Vietnamese food in Hanoi was at New Day Restaurant. It was Son, my guide from Hanoikids who brought me here.

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My guide Son

Located at 72 Ma May Street in Old Quarter, New Day Restaurant appears to be very popular with locals and tourists alike. Even though it was already past lunch time, there were still many customers around.

Under recommendation from Son, I ordered 4 rolls of Nem Ha Noi (Deep Fried Spring Rolls Hanoi Style). Dipped into the spicy sweet and sour sauce, they were delicious!

 photo P1200978_zpsba3aeb8b.jpg
Nem Ha Noi - 30,000 Dong (US$1.40 / RM4.65)

Son himself ordered Pho Xao Bo (Fried Instant Noodles With Beef). You can't really see the noodles as they were buried under the all those vegetables and beef!

 photo P1200980_zps9f04f5f6.jpg
Pho Xao Bo - 55,000 Dong (US$2.60 / RM8.50)

I did not try the Pho Xao Bo as I was too preoccupied with the main dish that Son ordered for me. It was Bun Cha Ha Noi (Rice Noodle With Grilled Minced Pork Hanoi Style).

 photo P1200981_zps16914074.jpg
Bun Cha Ha Noi - 65,000 Dong (US$3 / RM10)

I really love this dish! I think what made it really yummy was the spicy sweet and sour sauce that accompanied it.

 photo P1200987_zps92cdb7a9.jpg

Dip the noodles and the minced pork into the bowl of sauce and they instantly become heavenly!

 photo P1200986_zps5cc62330.jpg

If you think that the main dish was enough to make me full, think again! Haha! I must be really hungry because in addition to the Bun Cha, I actually ordered a bowl of Pho Bo (Beef in Rice Noodle Soup) as well!

 photo P1200984_zpsbfed721b.jpg
Pho Bo - 45,000 Dong (US$2.10 / RM6.95)

What can I say? The bowl of Pho Bo was delicious to say the least! And yes, I managed to finish all the noodles and beef to the last bit!

For drinks, I had Sour Sop Smoothie while Son had Mango Smoothie.

By the way, did you notice the prices? Not only were the food delicious, the prices were so very reasonable! On top of that, the service was pretty good too. The waitresses spoke English and were friendly.

You can choose to sit inside or outside the restaurant. Balcony sitting is also available upstairs.

 photo P1200990_zpseb8fe67c.jpg

This is New Day Restaurant's name card. I like their slogan "The Best Foods - The Cheapest Price".

 photo P1260654_zps16888423.jpg

Our total bill came to 255,000 Dong (US$12 / RM39.50).

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If I ever make another visit to Hanoi, I will definitely eat here again!