My Visit To Heritage House @ Ma May Street

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After our late lunch at New Day Restaurant, Son, my tour guide from Hanoikids brought me to Heritage House located at 87, Ma May Street.

 photo P1200992_zps8acc613d.jpg

It is actually just a short walk from the New Day Restaurant - in fact, almost directly opposite the restaurant!

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The Heritage House is some sort like a museum showcasing the architecture of a typical traditional house in the Old Quarter in Hanoi. These type of houses are known as "tube houses" as they have narrow facades (width) and long length.

Entrance fee to this Heritage House was 20,000 VND (US$0.95 / RM3.10).

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The above photo shows the front part of the house which usually acts as a shop in the olden days. It was dimly lit.

Then we came upon a small courtyard, which let in some light and allows good ventilation in the house.

 photo P1200994_zpsa00cd5fb.jpg

Not sure what were those green plants in the middle of the courtyard.

 photo P1200995_zpsf201a4f9.jpg

Walking past the courtyard, we entered a second section or building and here, there were many things on display, and also on sale. This part of the house was like a living area for the family in the olden days.

 photo P1210002_zps0c2f3b1a.jpg

 photo P1210009_zps42beadf2.jpg

 photo P1210011_zps4fcb2aaa.jpg

 photo P1210012_zps6aa7bdd0.jpg

Then, we reached a second courtyard that separates the living area from the kitchen. The bathrooms were located at the far end of the house.

 photo P1210005_zps6ecf561a.jpg

I think this is the kitchen area.

 photo P1210004_zpseedc8d23.jpg

Taking a photo of the door entrance into the living area from the second courtyard.

 photo P1210006_zps2a24b8f2.jpg

I noticed several birdcages hanging. This one had a bird in it. Was the bird for sale? I did not ask.

 photo P1210007_zps01aeed84.jpg

Walked back into the living area and snapped a photo of the lanterns hanging from the wooden ceiling.

 photo P1210013_zps89abc15d.jpg

Then, we walked up the stairs to the floor above. The building by the way is a two storey building.

 photo P1210020_zps5fbe5289.jpg

We entered the living room which was located in front facing the road and directly above the shop below.  Took some photos here.

 photo P1210018_zps59db5a90.jpg

 photo P1210019_zps069a7a4f.jpg

This is the first floor looking down at the courtyard below.

 photo P1210021_zpsf54b4ca9.jpg

Opposite is the bedrooms which is directly above the living area below.

 photo P1210024_zpse239817f.jpg

Saw a Chinese chess board game. Perhaps that's what the Vietnamese do in their free time in those days.

 photo P1210025_zps5700a4a7.jpg

This is the first floor area overlooking the second courtyard near the kitchen below.

 photo P1210028_zps2da6c14d.jpg

Took some pictures inside one of the bedrooms.

 photo P1210030_zpsb5689fc6.jpg

 photo P1210031_zpsffa78d80.jpg

Built in the end of the 19th century, this traditional house had since been restored and promoted as a Vietnam National Heritage.

 photo P1210033_zpse4e1ac0d.jpg

If you are a first timer to Hanoi, a visit to this Heritage House would be quite interesting as this type of house could only be found in Hanoi and in northern parts of Vietnam.