The Floating Baby At Gardens By The Bay Singapore

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I first visited Gardens By The Bay in Singapore during Christmas Day back in December, 2012.  Read about it HERE.

A year later on Christmas Eve 2013, I revisited this famous tourist attraction in the island republic. One reason I went to Gardens By The Bay again was because I did not get to see the Floating Baby during my first visit. Of course, there were other reasons but the floating baby was the main reason.

 photo P1230805_zpsun619hyk.jpg

I did not research where this baby was located before my trip, so I had to be adventurous and walked the whole of the gardens to find it. (By the way, in case you do not know, the garden is HUGE - the whole park spanning about 101 hectares!)

When I did find it, it was a little shocking, because the baby was just so .... gigantic! And it seemed to be floating on air, right there in front of my eyes! Almost unbelievable!

 photo P1230808_zpsgmwrdjai.jpg

At 9 metres long and 3 metres tall and weighing about 7 tons, this huge piece of art seems to defy the laws of gravity.  However, I'm afraid my photos cannot do justice to the real thing, and besides it was late evening and the lighting was not very conducive for taking pictures with my camera.

Anyway, this floating baby sculpture is called 'Planet'. Located at The Meadow, this white painted bronze sculpture is the works of British artist Marc Quinn. You can read about it below.

 photo P1230807_zpsfkvtvswx.jpg

If you look carefully, the baby is not really floating. One hand is resting on the ground although at first sight, you won't notice it. I guess the artist must have masterfully balanced the heavy sculpture on just that one hand alone. Amazing!

 photo P1230810_zpsa7effppn.jpg

I took a different angle shot of the baby.

 photo P1230811_zps01uhnqye.jpg

The giant floating baby with Marina Bay Sands in the background.

 photo P1230812_zpschi88plz.jpg

There are many more art sculptures in The Gardens, but this floating baby is the most impressive to me. More about Gardens By The Bay in my next post so stay tuned!