The Case Of The Three Hookers

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After the traumatic experience at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum that left me feeling depressed, it was a great relief to hear that our good friend and host would be bringing Jam, his friend and I to the karaoke that night!

So right after that enjoyable French dinner at Van's Restaurant, we went straight to a karaoke place. We were brought into a large room complete with nice sofas and of course a karaoke set. Sorry there are no photos as cameras were strictly forbidden. I thought it would be just like Redbox Karaoke in Malaysia and I was eager to choose the songs I wanted to sing.

To my utter surprise, a row of young and beautiful girls were lined up in front of us! Seemed like it was more than just a karaoke - it was more like a night club! The three of us had to pick one girl each. I picked one and she sat next to me the entire time.

We had some fun singing and dancing but I did not do anything more than that (if you don't count the touching and hugging) although we were allowed to do so. The girl could not really speak English and so we had some kind of communication breakdown. But in the end, I learnt a few Khmer words and phrases from her LOL!

When we returned to out hotel room later that night, the three of us decided to call for massage service in our room. We had massage almost every night since coming to Cambodia - the rates were so cheap! There was a notice inside our room which states the rate for massage service, which is USD5 per hour. We told the receptionist at the lobby about our request before going up to our room.

Fifteen minutes later, the door bell rang. Jam went to open the door and in came a short, plump lady. She gave a puzzled look when she saw the three of us in the room and then she giggled out loud. What the heck! Both Jam and I let our friend had her first LOL!

A few minutes later, another lady came in. She's pretty hot but I thought with her very heavy make-up, she looked more like a hooker than a masseuse! Anyway, I quickly secured her as my masseuse cos I did not want to risk putting up with another plump lady! Hahaha!

By this time, we were already wondering how come they did not all arrive at the same time! We were told that the third lady was on the way. She eventually came not long after.

What happened next was nothing short of a joke. It was the worst massage I had ever experienced in my life! The girl massaging me did not know how to use the proper pressure and massage techniques. I could hear Jam complaining and scolding his masseuse. Apparently, she did not know how to massage either.

It soon became obvious that the three ladies were not there to provide massage. They were prostitutes! No wonder that plump lady gave us a puzzled look and started to giggle when she first came into our room! Horrors!

Jam was angry and told them to leave. The girl who massaged me was not happy that I paid her USD5. She said she had to take a taxi to reach the hotel and USD5 was not enough. I told her that the rate was agreed beforehand but of course, she had expected me to tip her for the sex service which of course she did not provide because I did not want it!

Anyway, after some argument, I decided to pay her USD7 just to get rid of her. She left with a sour face. I guess it was our first time calling for massage in a hotel room and we did not realize this actually meant calling for prostitutes! How naive we were!

But that's not the end of it. After the girls left, we got a call from the receptionist at the lobby asking us if we were happy with the service. Apparently, he was trying to ask for tips! Jam's friend told him off angrily over the phone. We had wanted proper massage, not sex!

It was a horrible experience for us. What a night! But I have to honestly say I had no regrets. This incident had somehow made my trip that much more memorable and kept me in stitches even to this very day!

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