Test Your Feng Shui

Posted by : foongpc | Thursday, February 23, 2012 | Published in


Many people do not believe in feng shui. They think it is superstition. Are you one of them?

I do not want to convince you or force you to believe in something that you don't. Besides, scientists have not proven that feng shui really exists. But does that mean feng shui is all nonsense? Well, why not put it to the test?

Here are 3 tests that you can do.

Test #1
In the year 2012, the Five Yellow is located in the SouthEast. You are not supposed to renovate or disturb this sector of your home or you will suffer from negative effects like severe illness, loss of wealth and other misfortunes. To prove this theory wrong, simply renovate the SouthEast this year!

Note : To find the SouthEast sector of your home, you need to stand somewhere in the middle of your house with a compass at waist height. For guidelines on how to get your compass direction right, read HERE.

Test #2
The Three Killings is located at the South sector this year. Renovation and ground breaking in this sector of your home will result in mishaps and accidents, thefts, and persistent health problems. Again to test out the existence of feng shui, disturb the South sector of your home!

Test #3
The Grand Duke Jupiter is located at the SouthEast-1 this year. Disturbing this sector will result in misfortunes, hazards and serious medical setbacks. For skeptics, why not do this - renovate the SouthEast-1 sector of your home!

Don't know what the heck is Five Yellow, Three Killings and Grand Duke Jupiter? Well, they are three of the most feared afflictions and they change places every year. For more information, you can read more HERE and HERE.

However, be warned. You cannot undo the negative effects once you have triggered them. You can of course, reduce the effects if you take corrective measures immediately after you felt the effects. But you would need to suffer for a while before the effects go away completely.

This is really the best way to put feng shui to the test! If you dare to take up this challenge, do let me know the results - I would like to hear from you so that I can have real life testimonies : )