Random Notes 26

Posted by : foongpc | Monday, February 20, 2012 | Published in


1. I am currently in Bangkok for a short holiday. I need a holiday and Bangkok seems like a nice place to shop and eat!

2. There will be absolutely no pictures in this Random Notes post. Sorry if this bores you, but I will try to keep the post short and to the point!

3. Have you listened to my piano composition? I will be composing another song soon, but meantime, if you have not listened and suggested a title for the song (yes, I have yet to give it a title!), please go HERE and do so. Thank you!

4. Do you like Starbucks or CoffeeBean? I don't know but I find the coffee is nicer at CoffeeBean!

5. I was searching high and low for the Dentyne chewing gum the other day but could not find them anywhere! Anyone has any idea what happened to Dentyne? Why is it no longer selling in stores? It's my favorite brand for chewing gum!

6. I hope celebrities will quit doing drugs. It's such a waste of talent!

7. What do you think of the new Malaysian currencies? I thought they looked more fake than the counterfeit ones! Haha!! Just kidding : D

8. OK, that's it for today! Just a very short post (by my standards! LOL!) and I need to take a break from blogging! See you all again soon! By the way, you can follow me on Twitter for my more up-to-date crap. I might just tweet from Bangkok : )