My Very First Composition

Posted by : foongpc | Sunday, February 12, 2012 | Published in


I'm supposed to post Part 2 of 2012 Feng Shui According To Joey Yap, but I have not finished writing the post yet, so let me entertain you with this post instead : )

One evening, I was at my piano and suddenly out or nowhere, a tune came into my mind. I played it out and then realized I had just composed a short song! I decided I had better record my own composition before I forgot how it sounded like. You know, without writing the music notes down (which is a tedious job!) that melody can be gone forever!

I am thankful I have my iPhone by my side all the time - it's a lifesaver! The recording function of the iPhone is really pretty good so I quickly whipped out the iPhone, clicked on the recording app and recorded my own playing.

I wonder if musicians do the same whenever they are hit by a sudden inspiration - a sudden tune that appears in their heads - that they know will be a good potential to be the next major hit on the charts?

Although this was not really my first composition (I had composed a few songs before this), it was my first RECORDED own composition. I do not even have a title for it! Care to suggest a title? : )

Since it was played spontaneously on the piano with no retakes, and no hi-tech gadgets to cover the mistakes, please excuse my occasional slips and also the not-so-acceptable direction the way the melody went! LOL! I may write down the music notes when I am free but I think I will be too lazy to do so. I wonder if there is any software that I can use that can automatically write out the score for me? Hmmm....

Don't be surprised if you hear people talking or whispering in this recording. You did not imagine it! Haha! During my playing, I was interrupted by two naughty kids but thankfully, I was able to play the whole song without any major disturbances! So please excuse all the unwanted noises, but then again, I thought they blended in with the music quite well. LOL!

Well, hope you like this composition of mine. Don't forget to suggest a title for this song. ENJOY!!

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