Feng Shui 2012 According To Joey Yap (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Are you ready with your Personal Bazi Chart? You will need it so that you can follow what I am talking about in the rest of this post. As a result, you will see whether this year of the Water Dragon is going to be good or bad for you! Download your Personal Bazi Chart HERE.

For those of you who still do not know what a Bazi is, please read Bazi Basics.

Before we touch on your Bazi Chart, I would like share with you what Joey Yap thinks about the Mayan calendar and its connection with the Doomsday prophecy. From what we've read, the Mayan calendar ends on 21st December 2012, and this had gotten many people to believe it's the end of the world on that particular day.

Image courtesy of Daily Online News

Joey Yap thinks that is a fallacy and believes the Mayan calendar resets itself after that 21st December 2012. The Mayan calendar, he said, is somewhat similar to the Chinese calendar in that it is perpetual and on-going. He joked that if indeed that's the way to predict the end of the world, then Doomsday must be on the 31st December 2012 since his very own 2012 Tong Shu calendar ends on that date! Haha!

By the way, Joey said that if doomsday really were to occur in 2012, he would have no way of predicting it as this 'armageddon' event has never happened before in the history of feng shui, and is never mentioned in the old classical feng shui texts! LOL!

Joey Yap also took a dig at feng shui skeptics. He told us how he argued with a scientist who demanded that he prove that feng shui exists. In return, Joey simply asked the scientist to prove the existence of the mind, which of course the scientist could not. Yet we all know the mind exists. Is the mind in the brain, in our body or outside of it? No one knows, but it is there.

Just like the mind, feng shui exists, yet we can't see it. But Joey said you can actually prove the existence of feng shui. However, I will not be sharing with you how to do so as it will make this post far too long. This interesting topic deserves a post of its own and I shall therefore reserve it for another post.

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Now let's look at some predictions from Joey Yap for the year 2012. I have already mentioned some of them in Part 1, but here's more.

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon. Water represents cleansing and so, according to Joey Yap, spiritual studies would become very popular this year. Does that mean lots of people will go for things like meditation, yoga, astrology, cosmology, reiki, tarot card reading, and even feng shui this year?

Image from the seminar's booklet

Looking at the 2012 Bazi Chart above, you can see that although there are clashes in 3 of the pillars, they are not as bad as the direct clashes of all 4 pillars in the 2011 Bazi Chart. As such, this year will be better than last year.

Notice that in the Day Pillar, Wood controls Earth. This means people are going to be richer and unemployment rate will go down. Surely good news, no?

Which industry will do well in 2012? According to Joey, Wood is the most favorable element of the year. So wood-based industries like education and health care will thrive this year. If you are thinking of writing a book, perhaps this is a good year to start?

Water element industries like transportation, gaming and tourism also look pretty good this year. As water also represents the element of change, expect lots of people to switch jobs and try new things!

Fire element industries like IT, telecommunications, airlines and mass media will be quite average. The lack of fire in the 2012 Bazi Chart (only 2 fires exist in the Hidden Stems!) however will help those in this industry, so it will not be that bad.

Earth element industries like property, farming and construction will slow down although will not be disastrous. As such, Joey advised us to be more conservative when it comes to property investment. In any case, it is still better for the buyer than the seller, but do buy for the long term.

Metal element industries like banking, automotive and insurance are probably going to be the lousiest this year. However, Joey advised that if you are in the industries that are not doing so well, you do not need to switch industry. All you should do is to include the beneficial elements in your work. For this year, the beneficial elements are Wood, Water and Fire.

I am not very sure what he meant, but I think it is like this. For example, if you are in the insurance industry and this year is not a good year for insurance. Focus more then on selling medical insurance since health care is a Wood element! For those who are in the know and think I am wrong, please feel free to correct me! Thanks.

5 Elements Cycle image courtesy of FengShui Doctrine

Now let's take a look at your own Personal Bazi Chart. (Please download HERE if you have not already done so). If you can find these 3 beneficial elements - Wood, Water and Fire - in your Bazi Chart, then 2012 is going to be pretty good for you! If you have one or two of the elements, your year is going to be quite OK, but if you have none, oops! Sorry to say 2012 will be a bad year for you!

However, do take note that when we read the Bazi Chart, we do not take the fatalistic view. Joey Yap reminded us during the seminar that instead of complaining about things that you CAN'T DO or change, focus on things that you CAN DO to improve your situation. In other words, Bazi reading is not something you read then simply surrender to fate, but rather it is a guide for you so that you can take the appropriate action to improve your life!

How do you improve your life this year if you are unfortunate enough to have no Wood, Water or Fire in your Personal Bazi Chart? We'll get to that in my next post, so stay tuned!

Image courtesy of Chinese Astrology

Now, even if you are not into feng shui, I'm sure you know we are all born under one of the 12 animal signs. Do you know which animal sign are you? Check it out HERE. Of course, if you have your Personal Bazi Chart with you, then the Year Pillar will also tell you what animal sign you belong to.

According to Joey Yap, of all the 12 animal signs, the Dog is the unluckiest this year. It directly faces the Grand Duke Jupiter and has absolutely no auspicious stars! If you are a Dog, please do not worry. Your bad luck will only last ONE year. You can always do something about it, which I will reveal in my next post, but the point here is, not to get depressed just because you know that Dogs aren't going to have it good in 2012!

But wait! Those of you who are not Dogs do not start celebrating just yet! Just because you are not a Dog (which means no Dog in the Year Pillar of your Bazi Chart), does not mean you do not have a Dog in the Hour, Day and Month pillars! As long as you have a Dog (or worse, more than one Dog!) in your Bazi Chart, things don't look too good!

In your Personal Bazi Chart, each of the 4 pillars represents different things. The Year pillar represents your social life, the Month pillar represents your job and career, the Day pillar is about relationships and domestic issues and the Hour pillar is about your thoughts and actions.

So if you have a Dog in your Year pillar, you will most likely have problems in your social circle, particularly with friends. If Dog is found in your Month pillar, there will be problems with your job and career. Those working for others will most likely have more problems, though.

If you have Dog in your Day pillar, then you may suffer from relationship and health problems and if the Dog is in your Hour pillar, you may make make silly decisions and act impulsively that may affect your reputation.

Having access to this information can prove to be a life saver! For example, if you have a Dog in your Day pillar, then you will need to be extra patient and tolerant in your relationships with your loved ones to avoid any quarrels. You also need to take care of your health and do a medical check-up early to prevent any illnesses.

If you have a Dog in your Hour pillar, it is better for you to stop and think first before you act. It is also best not to change job or start a new business since you are prone to making bad decisions. If you are already in business, try to do more planning instead of executing new plans.

During the seminar, Joey Yap also introduced the Xuan Kong Nine Life Star. I was totally new to the Nine Life Star since I have never been exposed to it before. I have learnt about Xuan Kong Flying Stars before but not the Nine Life Stars, which is actually a component from the Xuan Kong feng shui system as shown by this diagram below.

Image courtesy of MasteryAcademy.com

Needless to say, I was a little blur when Joey talked about this topic, but luckily, I managed to catch some important points. I have to say, if you are totally new to feng shui, you may have some problem following Joey Yap in his seminar, so if you plan to attend his seminar next year (which I am very sure will happen, Doomsday prophecy notwithstanding), I would advise you to learn some feng shui basics from his books first!

Anyway, this is the 9 Life Star.

Image from seminar's booklet

Each person belongs to one of the nine Life Star. Which one are you? To know that, you will need to look at the top right corner of your Personal Bazi Chart print-out if you have downloaded from the site I recommended above. Or, you can find out by entering your date of birth and gender HERE.

In my next post, I will share with you which Life Star number will enjoy a fantastic year in 2012 and which will not have it so good. But do not worry if you are not going to have a lucky year. There are always ways to make things better and one very good way is to activate all the good sectors in your home!

However, you can only do so if you activate the correct sector at the correct time! So make sure you do not miss out my next post coming right up!

To be continued ....