My Dinner @ Inter Restaurant, Bangkok

Posted by : foongpc | Wednesday, May 4, 2016 | Published in


Looking for some authentic Thai food in Bangkok at reasonable prices? Try Inter Restaurant!

After finishing my yummy mango dessert at Mango Tango, I walked to Inter Restaurant to meet up with my friend for dinner.  Located at Siam Square Soi 9, it was within a short walking distance from Mango Tango.

My first impression of the restaurant - nothing much to shout about, no lavish interior, nothing impressive. But it was clean. Service was just average. But wait...when the food arrived, I was sold!

I ordered the stir fried pork with basil and beef on rice (95 baht).

It was so delicious! Yummy!

Both my friend and I ordered their Thai ice tea with milk (40 baht). Love it!

My friend ordered the green curry with pork with rice and rice noodles (85 baht). I thought he would just order either the rice or the rice noodles but he went for both. He must be really hungry! LOL!

I tried a little of the green curry and it was oh my, so tasty!

I did not take any photos of the restaurant except for this one. I like the opaque glass partition between our table and the neighbouring table as it ensured adequate privacy for us. Haha!

It was already 9pm and it's the last call. So we decided to order something for takeaway to be eaten in our hotel for supper. What did we order?

Pad Thai with prawns! That cost us 90 baht.

Yummy Pad Thai with delicious prawns! Sinful supper all right, but we shared so it's OK right? LOL!

Will I return to Inter Restaurant next time I go Bangkok? You bet! There are so many more items in their menu that I look forward to try. The best part is, they are all priced cheaply compared to all those tourist traps in Bangkok. If all you want is good food, then Inter Restaurant is the place to go!