My Stay @ Marvin Suites, Bangkok

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During my trip to Bangkok back in 2014, I stayed at Marvin Suites, a boutique serviced apartment.

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Located at a quiet street off Sathorn Road, it is within 10 minutes walking distance to Surasak BTS Skytrain station.

I was quite pleased to see the modern looking lobby came complete with books, magazines, newspapers, a TV, a computer, a phone and a coffee machine!

 photo P1250382_zpsmvabstkl.jpg

 photo P1250379_zpsuxonzjk7.jpg

 photo P1250378_zpssatb9gwm.jpg

I did not get a chance to read any of the books though.

 photo P1250377_zpszsnhpcrg.jpg

Neither did I get the chance to use the computer. Too busy exploring the streets of Bangkok! LOL.

 photo P1250381_zpssgqiad4t.jpg

This is my room. I have forgotten which floor it is. Haha!

 photo P1250096_zpst7iajcnn.jpg

The room was cosy and clean. I love it!

 photo P1250099_zpsgzdq0izk.jpg

Hair dryer, tissues, instant coffee making facilities and an electric kettle - the usual stuff that I expect from a hotel, or rather in this case, serviced apartment.

 photo P1250097_zps2xvujzex.jpg

The phone and a menu to order for food to be delivered to the room.

 photo P1250104_zpskknluvoz.jpg

A mini fridge and a safety box were also provided.

 photo P1250257_zpsoowmovdx.jpg

The safety box where I kept my valuables.

 photo P1250102_zpslcl0zyok.jpg

Nothing in the fridge except for two complimentary bottles of mineral water. Well, that's OK as I never ever eat anything from fridges inside hotel rooms. Not worth paying for the exorbitant price when you can get similar stuffs from 7-11 nearby at a fraction of the cost.

 photo P1250103_zps2tgf4yhk.jpg

Wardrobe with hangers and an extra pillow which I did not bother to use during my stay.

 photo P1250261_zps7cqe4kzw.jpg

The flat screen LCD TV was very important - I watched Thai dramas and Thai music videos every night in my room! Haha!

 photo P1250264_zpsroqe91sn.jpg

The view from my glass window. Not spectacular as expected, but I'm OK with it.

 photo P1250268_zpsagkhvgbx.jpg

Another view from the other window. The thick curtains were great to block out the hot sunlight in the daytime.

 photo P1250270_zpsibbpekog.jpg

Surprisingly, I made instant coffee every night during my stay here. I don't usually drink coffee in hotel rooms during my travel. Not sure why I did it this time, but I just liked it. Haha!

 photo P1250273_zpsyk7c2qbh.jpg

My cup of hot instant coffee! Awesome.

 photo IMG_8648_zpsc9mjtnrz.jpg

I liked that the electrical sockets in this suite were suitable for my three pin plug. I did not have to use an adaptor, unlike in other hotels which I have stayed before in Bangkok. Cool.

 photo P1250111_zpsezyketp2.jpg

The room was clean and neat, but what about the toilet and bathroom? Very, very important to check them out and I am glad to report that they were pretty clean too! :)

 photo P1250108_zpseco5texr.jpg

They provided the usual stuff - shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, and towels. However, no toothbrush, toothpaste and shaver, I am afraid.

 photo P1250110_zpstdh4awtf.jpg

Ooh! I love the rainforest shower! Not sure about you, but this alone made my stay here well worth it! You simply can't imagine how long I spent taking my shower every night! Haha!

 photo P1250109_zpsbtp4caoy.jpg

Overall, I was very satisfied with the room. The wifi was pretty good too, though at times it was a tad slow. I only did not like one thing - the room did not have a full length mirror! I always prefer a full length mirror near the door so that I can check how I dressed up before I leave the room.

 photo P1250266_zpspjvsfeoe.jpg

It was enjoyable staying here all by myself .... until my friend joined me on the second night. You see, I want this room all for myself. I don't like sharing room with others hahaha! Unless the room is too expensive of course. But for this room, I paid about RM150 per night which is reasonable.

Oh yes, another thing worth mentioning is the breakfast provided by this serviced apartment. I love their breakfast! Every morning I looked forward to have breakfast at their restaurant/cafe.

 photo IMG_8649_zpszyertvkq.jpg

The restaurant/cafe had a nice ambience and I could just relaxed while eating here.

This was what I ordered every morning without fail. A cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. So good.

 photo IMG_8677_zpsss26ibkr.jpg

You can choose from three different sets of breakfast. I love this Western breakfast with eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans. Yummy!

 photo IMG_8655_zpsigz2bicl.jpg

No matter which breakfast set you choose, toasts with butter and jam were provided together with a glass of orange juice. Honestly, this may look simple and not a big deal, but I felt it was my best breakfast ever!

 photo IMG_8654_zpsxvz14kn6.jpg

The staff at this serviced apartment were friendly and nice. That made my stay here even more enjoyable. I would definitely return here again next time!

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Marvin Suites
Sathorn Soi 11,  sub soi 2,
Sathorn Road Yanawa,
Sathorn, Bangkok.