My Visit To Legoland (Part 4)

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Continued from Part 3

Last December, I visited Legoland in Johor Bahru with my friend Jim. We visited all the 7 themed areas of attraction, but my favorite was Miniland.

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Miniland showcases some of Asia's best known landmarks from a dozen countries. I have only just covered Kuala Lumpur in Part 3, so this post will continue with other landmarks in Malaysia.

Let's start with Putrajaya - the new city located 25km south of Kuala Lumpur, that serves as the federal administrative center of Malaysia.

Below is the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya.

The mosque is located beside the man-made Putrajaya Lake and next to the Perdana Putra, which houses the Malaysian Prime Minister's office.

A close shot of the boat and ship cruising on the Putrajaya Lake.

Not sure what building is this. Anyone knows?

The famous Putra Bridge - the longest bridge in Putrajaya linking the mosque and Perdana Putra in Precinct 1 and the Putrajaya Boulevard in Precinct 2.

Close shot of the Putra Bridge.

The roundabout at the end of the bridge. I don't know about you, but I love the street lights!

See the tracks on the road? The Lego vehicles move along this track. It's really quite fun to watch those tiny vehicles moving!

Another view of the Putra Bridge spanning the Putrajaya Lake.

I could see boats passing under the bridge.

See the flowery design on the lower right corner of the photo below?

When magnified, you can see it's made of Lego bricks. Wonder how long these bricks will last in Malaysia's hot sunshine and heavy rain?

At the other end of the bridge is Dataran Putra (or Putra Square) which is bordered by the Putra Mosque and Perdana Putra.

Here I could see tiny Lego humans relaxing at the promenade in front of Putrajaya Lake.

This is Dataran Putra (Putra Square) with its pointed stars and the tall Malaysian flag in the center.

A closer shot of Dataran Putra.

This is the Perdana Putra building which is the Prime Minister's office as well as the Federal Government Administrative Center.

More shots of the building...

It is said that this Lego building was designed in many smaller parts and then assembled into one huge unit.

I was quite impressed!

Next, let's move on to KLIA or Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The model of the airport is actually just a small sample of the real airport.

The reason? Well, it would take one person alone almost 4 years to build the entire airport and control tower in Lego bricks!

Only standard Lego bricks were used and if they were stacked one on top of the other, they would reach 14.4 km high! Wow!

Since Legoland is located in Johor Bahru, it is only natural to expect that this capital city of the Johor state to be featured in this theme park.

Below is the famous Dataran Bandaraya which was built in 1994 to commemorate the declaration of Johor Bahru as a city.

Since the official opening, many Governmental events and cultural performances took place on the wide open lawn in front of Dataran Bandaraya.

Another shot of Dataran Bandaraya with the clock tower building.

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque located on top of a hill at Jalan Abu Bakar is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia.

The building is a combination of Western Neo-Classical and Islamic architecture.

A pedestrian bridge near the mosque.

Other areas and streets in Johor Bahru which admitedly, I am not very familiar with. Any Johoreans reading this know these buildings and streets?

Can you see a man dressed in red at the balcony?

Let me magnify for you. Now can you see him?

Wonder what building is this? It sure looks rather unique and impressive.

The train and railway tracks at the railway station.

Again, any Johoreans know the name of this building below?

Took a picture of tiny Lego humans eating at a food stall somewhere in Johor Bahru.

Are these mouse deers? Wonder what place is this?

Lastly, let's make a visit to Malaysia's most advanced container terminal - Port Of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP).  Located at the mouth of Pulai River in Southwestern Johor, PTP is a naturally sheltered deep-water port with a depth of 15 -19 metres.

Also can be found here is the largest ship that Legoland has ever built!! Yes, it's Miniland's container ship 'LCM' as shown below.

The model is 5.9 m long, weighs 351kg and is built with 123,000 Lego bricks!! It has taken the model designer 195 days to build the model!

I took a photo of a smaller boat.

Really interesting when you magnify it and study the details!

This looks like a cruise liner to me. What do you think?

More photos of Port Of Tanjung Pelepas ....

That's the end of Miniland Malaysia! In the next part, I shall share with you photos of miniature Lego landmarks from other Asian countries, so stay tuned! : )

To be continued ....