My Visit To Legoland (Part 5)

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Continued from Part 4

The Miniland in Legoland Malaysia showcases famous landmarks from Malaysia and various Asian countries. After taking photos of miniature landmarks of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, KLIA and Johor Bahru, it's time to check out other Asian countries.

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During my visit, landmarks from 12 different Asian countries, including Malaysia were featured. Let's start with our closest neighbor from the south - Singapore.

 photo P1180534_zps8d55ea11.jpg

The famous Merlion statue of Singapore at the Merlion Park in front of Fullerton Hotel.

 photo P1180536_zps35f649da.jpg

With a lion's head and a fish's body, the Merlion is an archetypal symbol of Singapore. At Miniland, the Merlion was re-created in great detail complete with the water gushing out of its mouth.

 photo P1180541_zps06ad2a95.jpg

The famous One Fullerton building and Singapore Flyer in the distance.

 photo P1180496_zpsbd335138.jpg

There were boats moving on what was supposed to be the Singapore River.

 photo P1180497_zps5d861881.jpg

The Singapore River Cruise pier.

 photo P1180495_zps0a78c6e2.jpg

The Singapore Flyer - the world's largest Observation wheel with a height of 165 metres. The wheel is 150 metres in diameter. At the highest point, you can see all the way to Johor Bahru and southern Malaysia.

 photo P1180531_zps894db0ee.jpg

A closer shot of the wheel.

 photo P1180529_zps0ffd67bd.jpg

Below the gigantic wheel are tiny stalls and vehicles on the road. If not mistaken, those unique looking vehicles on the right are Duck Tours.

 photo P1180530_zpse56358e9.jpg

Oh there's a Visit Malaysia sign on this bus! LOL!

 photo P1180533_zps9774b7fb.jpg

The Riverside Point - a waterfront dining venue.

 photo P1180499_zpsed3ab28a.jpg

Would you be fooled into thinking that the photo below is a picture of a real street in Singapore if I did not include those people on the right side?

 photo P1180503_zpscd9aaf64.jpg

There are many bridges over the Singapore River and this is one of them. Anyone knows the name of this bridge?

 photo P1180509_zps2f043a27.jpg

Love the tiny Lego truck and lorry!

 photo P1180510_zpsce501596.jpg

A Hop On Hop Off bus.

 photo P1180511_zps0fb6eca6.jpg

The famous Boat Quay area, with shophouses along the road.

 photo P1180513_zps6ee2f05d.jpg

Another bridge here but I was more interested in the bus and the bus stop!

 photo P1180521_zpseaecf55a.jpg

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Now that we've seen some Singapore landmarks, let's move up north of Malaysia to Thailand!

 photo P1180568_zpse96507bb.jpg

That's the famous Wat Arun temple in Bangkok. Below is one of the giant temple guardians.

 photo P1180567_zps6a8c5e47.jpg

A beautiful boat on the Chao Phraya River in front of Wat Arun.

 photo P1180574_zpsdd6e2940.jpg

 I really love this boat!

 photo P1180569_zps6a41b268.jpg

A closer shot.

 photo P1180570_zpscc1259e0.jpg

More photos of Wat Arun.

 photo P1180565_zpsb1cff99f.jpg

 photo P1180566_zps79caae43.jpg

I saw something interesting here! In front of this temple guardian, there seems to be a group of students rehearsing for some sort of performance.

 photo P1180578_zpsfddf8d59.jpg

Those tiny Lego people were actually moving and marching around in a circle!

 photo P1180577_zpsa94b350f.jpg

How cute! Not sure if there were music as well - I could not remember!

 photo P1180576_zpsc50157f9.jpg

Guess what? After seeing this miniature Wat Arun last December, I actually visited the real Wat Arun in Bangkok 3 weeks later! Inspired by these Lego wonders? Maybe. Will blog about that trip soon : )

 photo P1180579_zps185138d1.jpg

Next, let's move on to another Asian country next to Thailand - Myanmar.

 photo P1180557_zpsc4329b32.jpg

The above is the Karaweik Hall, a gigantic barge on the shore of Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon, Myanmar.

 photo P1180559_zps4605bea7.jpg

The name 'Karaweik' comes from the name of a mythical bird.

 photo P1180560_zps9656a936.jpg

Inside the barge is a large restaurant where guests can see traditional crafts and dances.

 photo P1180562_zps82fb501d.jpg

A boat can be seen docking near the barge.

 photo P1180563_zpsd1d932ee.jpg

That's it for Myanmar. Do you like the Karaweik Hall?

Coming up next, we shall visit landmarks from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Philippines, India, Bali and China, so stay tuned!

To be continued ....