A Japanese Dinner At Kirishima Shuzou

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After more than half a day at Legoland Malaysia and a brief window shopping activity at Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), my friend Jim brought me to Kirishima Shuzou for dinner.

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Located at Crystal Crown Hotel in Johor Bahru, Kirishima Shuzou is, according to my friend, the best Japanese restaurant in town. Well, he should know since he told me he had worked there before.

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Two weeks before my trip to Johor Bahru, Jim had already made reservations at this restaurant on my behalf. Why so early? Well, we wanted a private tatami room all to ourselves and there is only ONE such room in the restaurant!

Look! That's my name and it's first on the list! Haha!

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Oh, and if you noticed the date, yes, it's Christmas eve that evening. All the more important to book the room early, right? : )

Before I show you our private tatami room, let's take a look at the restaurant interior.

 photo P1180710_zpsf913a5aa.jpg

The restaurant was quite empty. I guess we were early.

 photo P1180714_zps451b9640.jpg

There were rows and rows of sake on the shelf.

 photo P1180712_zpsa106df8a.jpg

Staff at work.

 photo P1180711_zps8d59c30e.jpg

More sake and alcoholic beverages.

 photo P1180706_zpsac273a30.jpg

Variety of alcoholic beverages in the fridge.

 photo P1180708_zps64debd3b.jpg

 photo P1180709_zpsac36bb1a.jpg

There were books to read too! That is, if you can read Japanese.

 photo P1180715_zps61ac2a57.jpg

More photos of the interior....

 photo P1180716_zpsf319b156.jpg

Beautiful glass cabinet

 photo P1180718_zps62af0d4c.jpg

Some magnified photos of the glass cabinet...
 photo P1180719_zps7c35c4ee.jpg

 photo P1180720_zpsc364daaa.jpg

 photo P1180722_zps1822f92c.jpg

Oh, and they also have The Asahi Shimbun newspaper - one of the five national newspapers in Japan!

 photo P1180721_zps8e363327.jpg

Japanese magazines and comics galore!

 photo P1180723_zps49a9acdd.jpg

So after touring round the restaurant, we went into our private tatami room. Here's a picture with my friend Jim in it, although he was not looking at the camera when I took the shot.

 photo P1180725_zps9b19beb1.jpg

Some shots of the interior inside the room...

 photo P1180699_zps3d7030c1.jpg

 photo P1180700_zps7e7ebb8f.jpg

 photo P1180701_zps2d8a013c.jpg

 photo P1180727_zps41e9737d.jpg

 photo P1180726_zpsa641b619.jpg

My pair of chopsticks and the appetizer on the table.

 photo P1180703_zpsfd94c611.jpg

I forgot what's the name of this appetizer, but it's yummy.

 photo P1180702_zps72f38408.jpg

The menu book.

 photo P1180728_zpseff6448c.jpg

Jim ordered a Saikoro Steak & Tempura Set priced at RM38 (USD12).

 photo P1180729_zpseb96ac3c.jpg

The set consists of dice cut Japanese beef in hot plate, and tempura served with egg custard, 2 small appetizers, pickles, salad, fruit, rice and miso soup.

 photo P1180730_zps086ee293.jpg
Tempura prawns

 photo P1180731_zps789766b7.jpg
Dice beef in hot plate

I ordered the Kirishima Gozen Set priced at RM48 (USD15.50).

 photo P1180732_zpsca22e321.jpg

It consists of assorted sashimi, sushi, tempura and grilled eel deluxe combo.

 photo P1180734_zps4a38a301.jpg
Grilled unagi (eel) deluxe combo

 photo P1180735_zps3a01b32a.jpg
Salmon sashimi

 photo P1180737_zps3c2f3b17.jpg
Chawanmushi (custard egg)

 photo P1180738_zps74553f19.jpg
Temaki (hand roll)

I enjoyed my Kirishima Gozen Set especially the unagi! Too bad I had a medical condition which prohibited me from drinking alcoholic drinks otherwise I would have ordered a bottle of sake to chill the evening away.

 photo P1180713_zps6961463b.jpg

Nevertheless, I had a great dinner time chatting with Jim and with the nice food and nice ambience inside the private tatami room, what more could I ask for?

Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant
Crystal Crown Hotel
117, Jalan Tebrau
80250 Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-2752 838

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