Random Notes 27

Posted by : foongpc | Friday, March 30, 2012 | Published in


1. Welcome to my 27th Random Note post! Wonder when I will reach Random Notes 100! Maybe I will celebrate by giving away stuffs to my readers once I reach that milestone! Haha!

2. Last month, I decided to drop the word 'blogspot' from my blog's address. Yes, that's right! I have upgraded to a dot com. Now my blog's URL is http://www.foongpc.com. (You can leave out the 'www' and just type in foongpc.com in your browser). Please update the link, will you?

3. For those of you who have problem updating my blog in your Blogroll, you can enter my feeds URL instead. Just type the following - http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyVeryFirstBlog. Thank you!

4. OK, this one is long overdue. Last month (or was it two months ago?), I received a gift from blogger SK for winning a few awards in his blog. Read his blog post HERE to know what awards I won.

Isn't this cute?

SK had done a wonderful job designing the CD cover and the CD itself! Love it!

Oh! All my favorite songs in one CD! Cool! And a nice note at the bottom. Thanks SK! : )

5. Recently, I signed up for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf member card. I love Coffee Bean's coffee and their all-day breakfast set! Miles better than the more famous Starbucks, let me tell you!

My favourite breakfast meal in Coffee Bean is the Club Sandwich set! It comes with 2 big pieces of bread with ham and eggs, salad and a cup of hot Sumatra dark coffee!

There are other good breakfast sets but this one is clearly my favourite! As a member, you get to collect bean points which can be used for future purchases of food or drinks at any of their outlets. Coffee Bean For the Win! : )

6. Do you like bubble gum? Well I like to chew on a bubble gum occasionally and my favourite brand is Dentyne. In fact, this bubble gum was recommended to me by a dentist friend! So imagine my shock when I found out that this brand is no longer available in Malaysia!

Luckily, I managed to find Dentyne selling in Bangkok when I went there for a short holiday recently! So I bought a few back. However, I'm still wondering why it is no longer selling in Malaysia. Anyone knows?

7. A good friend of mine who had just returned from a holiday in Spain got me this nice fridge magnet as a souvenir.

Football fans will know that this is the logo of the Futbol Club Barcelona or Barca based in Barcelona, Spain. Its long-time rival is Real Madrid but of course, you knew that already unless you are not into football.

So, to all you football fans, which side are you on - Barca or Real Madrid?

8. I have never liked eating porridge. I only eat it when I'm sick. That's a fact! However, this fact no longer holds true lately. My mom cooked this hou see fa sang (dried oyster and groundnut) porridge the other day and it was delicious!

Throw in some you tiao (Chinese fried crullers) and it's irresistible!

Then, a few days later, she cooked this choy kon (dried Chinese white cabbage) porridge and I loved it as well! Whatever happened to me? I was transformed from a person who hate porridge to a person who love it literally overnight! Amazing!

9. I am now on Pinterest! Are you? If not, come join me! For those of you who are already on Pinterest, do follow me, won't you? Don't be surprised to find some of your blog's pictures on my Pinterest site! Yes, I now pin any pictures I like from blogs and websites onto my Pinterest boards!

But don't worry, any of your pictures that are pinned have links that lead right back to your blog! You can even re-pin the pictures you see on my Pinterest site to your Pinterest site. But the pictures will always link back to the original owners no matter how many times they are being re-pinned. How cool!

Now do take a minute and see the pictures I have pinned on Pinterest HERE.

10. I have to admit, I am getting more and more addicted to coffee. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I guess I will have to control myself. This is iced coffee I took one afternoon to keep myself awake!

If you want to know why I really drink coffee, read THIS!

11. I have set up a Mariah Carey mix tape on AtticTV. Currently there are 51 of her top hits in my collection - all carefully selected by yours truly. Enjoy them now by clicking HERE.

You can also sign in to AtticTV and listen to the different genre of songs and videos available there ranging from pop, hip-hop, and classical to Chinese music and even K-pop! And if you like, create your own mixtape!

12. Although I have been to the famous Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert many times for their wonderful ice desserts, it was my first time trying out their Sea Amber Jelly.

It was really quite nice! But of course nothing could match my all time favourite - the Japan Combo II soya ice special!