My Lunch At Sri Suria Curry House

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Right after my visit to KL Bird Park with my Filipino friend, I decided to bring him to Sri Suria Curry House for a late lunch.

Located along the same street with Sri Shakti Eswary Temple in Kelana Jaya, this Indian restaurant offers banana leaf rice which I thought would be something that my friend had never eaten before.

Personally, I really love banana leaf rice! We had white rice with the assortment of vegetable dishes all placed on the banana leaf.

I also ordered their nasi briyani which was really delicious!

I had lassi (an Indian yogurt drink) and my friend had rose syrup.

I also asked for rasam, a kind of sourish Indian soup that really opened up our appetite.

We also had some fried chicken.

And so this is how our spread looks like. Yummy! I am feeling hungry now just looking at this!

I have forgotten how much the total bill came to, but I remember it was not expensive.

Will I come here again? You bet!

Sri Suria Curry House
No. 3A, PJ21 (SS3/39),
Kelana Jaya,
Selangor 47300
Tel : +603 7865 7771


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Do you watch Korean dramas? Well, if you do, you would probably know this series called Descendants Of The Sun. It's very popular when it was first aired in 2016. But what I really like about this show is actually the songs. One of my favourite song from this show is Always sung by Yoon Mi-rae.

Below is a Youtube video of the song as originally sung by Yoon Mi-rae with some scenes from the show.

I thought this song would sound pretty nice on the piano, so I decided to try playing it. After a few attempts, I went ahead to record the full song and below is the result!

My playing is not perfect, and I don't think I can make it perfect anyway. But I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it! :)

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