2013 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

It's the 6th day of Chinese New Year today! Time just flies and before you know it, the 15 days of Chinese New Year is over.

So before the celebration is over with and forgotten, let me continue with the Chinese New Year decorations in shopping malls within Klang Valley. You have seen the photos of 1Utama, The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall in Part 1, so now let's compare with the following...

Tropicana City Mall

This looks like an ancient building in China complete with lanterns and plum blossoms.

I like the majestic door!

The carvings look beautiful.

Red lantern hanging from the ceiling.

Simple and nice.  Nothing too fancy. I like : )

Paradigm Mall

Wow! This reminds me of the decorations in 1Utama, although I actually prefer this one more.

Lots of red lanterns hanging all over the place.

The old buildings were charming and the posters were awesome!

Another nice poster!

It certainly gave me an impression of those bygone eras - those years before I was even born!

Love the old building with clothes hanging out to dry just like the olden days.

The entrance to the 'ancient village'.

See the poster?

I love this building! It looked as if I am in a village somewhere in China.

Those clothes and blankets hanging out to dry added a really nice touch and feel to the place.

Doing laundry in the olden days.

Beautiful flowers.

Nice, colorful Chinese dresses.

Awesome flowers and lanterns ...

More clothes hanging from buildings ...

If you replace the view of the escalators with the sky, this picture will look like the real thing, and not like inside a mall.

More photos ...

Oh, another nice poster. It's Gone With The Wind! Notice the wooden structure on the left?

I really like the Chinese New Year decoration at Paradigm Mall! How about you?

Sunway Pyramid

Last year, Sunway Pyramid had a huge, amazing dragon as the centrepiece of its Chinese New Year decoration. See the photos HERE.

I thought they will never top that dragon. But this year, I was pleasantly surprised with the Chinese junk ship!

A child playing with the ship's steering wheel.

A small wooden boat beside the junk ship.

A message to welcome me aboard!

Ancient Chinese coins with the square hole in the middle.

The wooden boat.

I was pretty impressed with the Chinese New Year decorations at Sunway Pyramid! What about you?

Coming Up In Part 3 : 2013 CNY Decorations At Pavilion, Starhill, Berjaya Times Square and Suria KLCC