2013 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 1)

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Last year, the Chinese New Year decorations at 1Utama was forgettable, but this year, they seemed to have redeemed themselves with the 'Golden Street' theme.

The Oval section had been converted into some sort of a Chinatown.

I love it!!

Lanterns could be seen hanging over shophouses.

I definitely felt the Chinese New Year mood here!

On that particular day that I was taking photos, there seemed to be some kind of performances at the stage. Can you see chairs lined up for the audiences?

More lanterns galore!

The traffic light is pretty cool.

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Now carefully look at the picture below.

Did you notice a headless lady in red on the left? LOL!

I kind of like the aerials at the rooftop of the buildings. The whole place was full of aerials!

The center stage where the perfomances were held.

Snapped some of the performances.

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Other parts of 1Utama were also nicely decorated like this one near the Oval.

I walked over to the Old Wing (which I call the New Old Wing now haha!) and came across this complete with wooden chairs and tables.

The 'Golden Street' theme was extended to the Old Wing too.

Do you like the Chinese New Year decorations at 1Utama this year?

I am unable to recall last year's Chinese New Year decorations at The Gardens Mall (must be really forgettable!) but this year, I thought it was quite nice.

The mall seemed to be quite preoccupied with some kind of 'birds' theme because there were birds everywhere!

Well, not just birds but flowers too.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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OK, I did not manage to focus on the bird properly for this one below. The background was sharper. LOL!

More birds and flowers ....

How do you like the Chinese New Year decorations at The Gardens Mall?

Next to the Gardens is Mid Valley Megamall which showcased lots of flowers and lanterns this year.

It was quite nice, but I was not particularly impressed.

Blooming flowers and red lanterns.

A fortune teller at work.

More photos ...

I like this one below.  Beautiful and colorful flowers! If only my garden look something like this! Haha!

It's the Chinese New Year Of the Snake so there were lots of cute snakes on sale!

I will be covering the Chinese New Year decorations at more shopping malls around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur in the next part, so stay tuned. Meantime, have a fantastic, happy and prosperous Chinese New Year of the Snake! : )

To be continued ....