1st Of December

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Have you heard of the song 1st Of May? It's a famous song by Bee Gees. And it's a favorite song of mine!

Well, today is 1st of December. And I have a song for you. Maybe I should call this song 1st of December. LOL! It's a piano instrumental piece played by yours truly. Here, have a listen....

How do you like the song? Yes, it's actually a Happy Birthday song with a twist. I have added in an introduction and some of my own improvisations to it. And why am I playing a Happy Birthday song? It's my birthday of course! Haha!

So without further ado, let's sing together now shall we? (Replace the word 'me' with 'you')

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Panda,
Happy Birthday to me!

Listen More > My Own Composition : A Tribute To Hong Kong

I was quite amused reading back my past birthday posts, but just for the fun of going down memory lane, here they are. Click on link to read them. Strangely, I did not do a birthday post in the year 2009. Wonder what happened that year? Hmmm....

Birthday Post Year 2008

Birthday Post Year 2010

Birthday Post Year 2011

So how will I celebrate my birthday today? I don't think there will be a surprise birthday dinner like the one I had at Mezze last year. Well, maybe I will blog about how I celebrate my birthday in another post. Or maybe not. Let's just see about that : )

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