Who Is The Lucky Blogger?

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Last week, I came up with a contest called My Top 3 Dislikes which is also a tag or meme for bloggers.

Only 13 bloggers joined this contest, which was quite disappointing. Compared with the Win RM100 If Lee Chong Wei Wins Malaysia's First Olympics Gold, which attracted almost 40 participants, this contest is considered a failure. (To know who is the winner of that contest, click HERE)

I guess here are the Top 3 Reasons why not many bloggers want to join my tag contest.

Reason #1 :  Bloggers nowadays are just not fond of doing tags or memes anymore. And I really can't blame them. I myself do not like to do tags in my blog, so please do not tag me! Smiley

Reason #2 : Some bloggers only blog about certain topics and it would be unsuitable to do my tag if your blog is all about movies, or travels, or food, just to quote some examples.

Reason #3 : Some bloggers just don't think they are lucky enough to ever win a lucky draw - the chance of winning is probably smaller than getting a free scoop of Baskin Robbins. LOL! And I can't blame them cos I think the same way too! I actually dislike lucky draws!!

But of course, I can't deny there is one more important reason why bloggers are not joining my contest, and that is because the prize is way too small - only a miserable RM80 (cash or vouchers) or USD25. Haha!

Well, I can offer all the BIG prizes if there are sponsors but, I am really not fond of getting sponsors and all that. I just want to do a small little contest and I want to be giving away my money from my own pocket! It's just more fun this way.

Anyway, a promise is a promise. I have already done the Lucky Draw and found the winner. Are you ready?

Here are all the contestants. Thank you for doing the tag! Hope you all had a fun time with it! Smiley

1. BlogBabyBlogger

2. Tekkaus

3. Wenn

4. Tekkaus (free entry for tagging Wenn)

5. Robin

6. Emily

7. Charmaine

8. Ruxyn

9. Marissa

10. Ruxyn (free entry for tagging Marissa)

11. Piggy697

12. Marissa (free entry for tagging Piggy697)

13. June Tan

14. Akijayyy

15. Ruxyn (free entry for tagging Akijayy)

16. Be My

17. Hui Ling

Each contestant is given a number in the order of the earliest till the last to join.

As usual, I did the Lucky Draw with the help of the Pick Number app in my iPhone.

All I need to do is to press the 'Click' button and a random number from 1 - 20 will be selected.

So what number was selected?  Smiley

Scroll down slowly.....








$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  Smiley










Number 4? Such unlucky number? Of all the numbers, why number 4?!!

Number 4 sounds like 'death' in Chinese and is deemed unlucky, BUT that's not the case today.

The lucky winner is TEKKAUS!!! Congratulations!!
Please email me your address so that I can send you the RM80 Jusco voucher ASAP!

Now, who want some more contests? Smiley

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