Random Notes 20

Posted by : foongpc | Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | Published in


1. I am getting more and more upset with my current telco. I did a speed test of their Edge connection and this was the result.

It was so freaking slow I could not even get my Twitter timeline updated on my iPhone!

When I switched to 3G expecting a faster connection, guess what happened? My phone line suddenly vanished! Poof! People could not even call me after that! How ridiculous is that?!

2. I noticed more and more restaurants are installing this call button. At the press of the button, we can summon the waiter to our table to get the menu, make an order, pay the bills or make a complaint. How convenient!

The only problem is when customers misuse it when they let their children play with it. Can you imagine what happens when a young kid keeps pressing the button? I pity the poor waiter!

3. I normally eat nothing but fruits for breakfast. But once in a while, I like to go to OldTown White Coffee for my breakfast. I would either eat their Western Platter...

Or their steamed bread with butter and kaya.

But sometimes I rather go PappaRich to eat their half boiled eggs, toasted bun with butter and kaya plus a cup of hot coffee! Yummy!

4. Take a look at this photo. Make a guess. Do you think this is coffee, milk tea or Milo?

Hint : It is not sweet

5. I love desserts!!! Do you? My current most favourite dessert shop is Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert! For those of you who have eaten there, do you prefer the Grass Jelly, Taroballs or Soya Ice series?

I love the pearls, lotus seed and the chewy taro balls! A perfect dessert on a hot day!

You can take a look at the menu HERE.

Usually I would add more taro balls as it is my favourite topping! Want to learn how to make your own taro balls? Read HERE.

6. Last week, I watched the much anticipated movie, Kungfu Panda 2. It was pretty awesome. But somehow, I felt it was not as good as the first movie. What do you think?

The one thing I like about the movie is the very cute and adorable Baby Po!

Isn't he cute? I wish I can have a baby panda as my pet! Haha!!

Well, the movie was filled with lots of funny jokes and wisdom one-liners. So it was definitely still a good and enjoyable movie! Just that I went in the cinema hall with too high an expectation I guess.

7. If you have been reading my blog or following me on Twitter, you will know by now that I love the rain. One afternoon it rained so hard I could not get out of my own car! So I took out my iPhone and recorded a short video of the rain from inside my car.

Oh my, I just love the sound of the rain hitting my car windscreen! Call me weird but I find it so therapeutic!

Luckily I was not rushing for an appointment or any important event, so I waited for the rain to become less heavy. With such heavy rain, it would be pointless to leave the car even if I had an umbrella with me, don't you agree?

8. Talking about rain, I hope it would rain tonight. I just love sleeping while listening to the rain! But if it does not rain, I do have another option - create fake rain sound!

Yes, with this amazing Sleepmaker Rains app on my iPhone, I can select the kind of rain sound that I like and play it while I lie in my bed! Haha!

9. I don't know what's freaking wrong with me, but I am starting to get addicted to this song that features a flying cat called Nyan Cat, with the body of a Pop-Tart, and a rainbow trailing behind it!

Play this video and see if you like it. And read about the origins of Nyan Cat.

Well? If you like it, you can try the longer version (about 3 and a half hours!!!) HERE and see if you can sit through the whole duration without killing yourself! Good luck!! LOL!