Window Shopping At Siam Paragon, Siam Center And Central World In Bangkok

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My apologies for the long break from blogging but now I am back! My blog posts are so outdated I am actually blogging about my Bangkok trip back in 2014! I really hope you don't mind. Haha!

Anyway, it's Day 2 of my Bangkok trip in February 2014 and just to refresh you, here are some of the highlights of that day.

Pork Satay Rice @ Cafe Boran Hat Yai
Mont Nom Sod @ MBK Centre
After You Dessert Cafe @ Silom Complex

After going our separate ways in the afternoon, my friend and I decided to meet up again in the evening at Siam Paragon, a famous shopping mall in Bangkok.

 photo P1250162_zps2fj0s65y.jpg

I love the view of the shopping mall at night with all the lights and waterfall. My friend did some real shopping while I only did window shopping. Lol.

 photo P1250332_zpsyl8zisyu.jpg

I saw some red horses near the entrance of the mall.

 photo P1250341_zpsoaanxsfm.jpg

2014 was the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. It was just two weeks after Chinese New Year, so I guess the horses were part of the Chinese New Year decoration.

 photo P1250340_zpsvomxdpc1.jpg

It's good that the mall had not taken down the horses otherwise I wouldn't have the opportunity to see them.

 photo P1250338_zpsnuxkmbcu.jpg

Aren't they beautiful?

 photo P1250335_zpsjjcd7cpk.jpg

Love these horses! And the water reflection. So artistic.

 photo P1250334_zpscw52u6lk.jpg

We then walked over to Siam Center next door. Yes, not many people around. I guess it was a weekday, maybe?

 photo P1250333_zpsl53v58ck.jpg

Inside Siam Center, we passed by Mr Jones' Orphanage, a famous dessert cafe that has lots of teddy bears and soft toys as decoration. Unfortunately, we did not try the cakes and dessert there. The timing just wasn't right. Maybe I will visit it next time I go Bangkok.

 photo P1250327_zpsdt1lnuww.jpg

At the time of my visit, Line toys were the rage in Bangkok. These toys and merchandise were not yet available in Malaysia so I was really tempted to buy them!

 photo P1250322_zpsm5kjlgl6.jpg

That's Cony, with two different expressions.

 photo P1250321_zpszt1uppy8.jpg

And Brown. I like Brown. But at 1,300 baht? I think I better spend my money on food instead. Hahaha!

 photo P1250320_zpsrg6j0bpp.jpg

Plush doll heads.

 photo P1250319_zps1nwuctdp.jpg

These are cute. Should I just grab one? ...... Don't think so.

 photo P1250316_zpsk4kddp0g.jpg

Maybe socks are more useful? ...... Nah. Lol!

 photo P1250323_zpsrjqmfbef.jpg

So after leisurely browsing around Siam Center, we decided to walk back to Siam Paragon to search for something to eat. You might be wondering - how come we did not eat at Mr Jones' Orphanage earlier? Well, we needed real food, not cakes and dessert. Lol.

 photo P1250331_zps2280lxbw.jpg

As it turned out, we did not eat at Siam Paragon. Instead, we walked all the way over to Central World nearby and dined at Black Canyon Coffee.

 photo P1250345_zpsmihnrt8e.jpg

You see, Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Central World are all in close proximity to each other, so it's really no problem walking from one mall to the other. I was so glad they had the malls all lined up in such a way. Thank you Bangkok, for being so brilliant!

 photo P1250346_zpsdnaslrrd.jpg

I had a cup of hot tea latte with biscuits. Not bad!

And a plate of tom yum noodles. It was delicious, but very spicy!

 photo P1250351_zpsrgxukg9u.jpg

I think I forgot to take photos of what my friend ate because I just could not find those photos. Well, it had been 2 years. Things disappear sometimes, don't they? Haha! I really should try and be more updated in my blogging from now on! :)