Mont Nom Sod @ MBK Centre, Bangkok

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There is a hidden gem in Bangkok and it's this cafe called Mont Nom Sod located on the 2nd floor of MBK (Mah Boonkrong) Centre.

If you like toasts or bread and milk, then this is the place to go to! This is my toasts with condensed milk and butter (left) and toasts with original coconut custard (right). Both were delicious, and each was priced at only 23 baht!

And my cup of slightly sweet hot milk to go with the toasts! 32 baht.

My friend ordered toasts with coconut custard and chocolate spreads, but I forgot to take photos of them! The toast with chocolate spread was a little bit more expensive at 25 baht.

We went to MBK Centre right after our morning trip to Or Tor Kor Market and our early lunch of pork satay rice at Cafe Boran Hat Yai. As soon as we stepped into the cafe, we scanned the menu displayed behind the counter and were delighted to find so many different types of spreads.

You can order toasts with sugar (only 18 baht), condensed milk, original coconut custard (orange color), coconut custard (green color), marmalade jam, corn soup (all at 23 baht each), strawberry jam, chocolate and taro custard. (the last three were priced at 25 baht each).

They have two types of bread - the toasted bread topped with your choice of spreads, and the soft steamed bread that comes with dips. However the dips were limited to just original coconut custard, coconut custard (both priced at 65 baht) and chocolate (70 baht) only.

And they have many of these packaged for takeaways.

The place is famous for their milk, so make sure you order their milk if you come here. You can choose either hot or cold milk. But they are slightly sweetened, although I would have preferred non sweetened as the toasts were already sweet.

Loaves and loaves of bread on the rack.

Yummy spreads!! The orange and green coconut custards are similar to our Malaysian kaya but I found that the original coconut custard (orange color) has a much stronger coconut taste.

They even sell cakes with coconut custard dips. Hmmm, I think I would prefer to just eat those cakes on its own without the dips.

I really, really like their toasts! They were crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.

The condensed milk with butter was sinfully delicious! Definitely not healthy, but it was like comfort food to me.

It's good to know that all of Mont's products are preservative-free as they are made fresh daily.

Actually, I would have preferred a cup of coffee instead of just milk.  But no complaints about the milk though.

First started in 1964 selling toasts from the street, Mont Nom Sod had grown and become a successful chain in Thailand.

Not many people when we went there that day. Probably it was lunch time, and the locals do not normally eat bread for lunch.

I liked it enough to buy a pack of steamed bread and coconut custard dip for takeaway.

Mont Nom Sod
2nd floor, MBK Centre
Opening Hours : 11am - 9pm daily