The Terrace Restaurant And Buddhi Belly @ Central World, Bangkok

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After leaving HuaLamphong Station, my friend and I went to Pratunam where we did some shopping.  I wanted to buy a cap there but did not find one that I like.

We then ended back at Central World shopping mall which we went the day before. I managed to find a cap that I like at this more upscale Zen Department Store. Sorry, no photo of my new cap.

 photo P1250503_zpsekd41zjh.jpg

I think all the shopping made us hungry so we had an early dinner at The Terrace Restaurant in Central World. I had this Pork Loin Steak with green curry sauce served with fried Sang yod rice and butter. Sang yod rice is a type of healthy rice grown in Phatthalung province.

 photo P1250504_zpszq3dne00.jpg

My friend ate Pad Thai (I did not take any picture of it).

After that, we just walked around the shopping mall. I thought the decoration at this part of the mall was interesting.

 photo P1250511_zpsnkowjpig.jpg

Gigantic floating book!

 photo P1250514_zpsvlc8rnbb.jpg

This is the SF World Cinema on the 7th floor of the mall, if I am not mistaken.

 photo P1250519_zpsn4mq1ir6.jpg

No, we did not go and watch any movies there. I don't fancy watching movies when I travel.

 photo P1250525_zpsgil67nns.jpg

This is an interesting art piece.

 photo P1250524_zpsdysg4zoz.jpg

We spotted the popular premium frozen yogurt store Buddhi Belly and decided to get ourselves some dessert.

 photo P1250530_zpsvskri0k8.jpg

Art decoration on our table.

 photo P1250531_zps4xhciafu.jpg

Colorful decorations on the counter tops.

 photo P1250533_zps9erzxxjd.jpg

We chose original with toppings of mango, strawberry and pineapple.

 photo P1250534_zps98hxoly3.jpg

That's medium size cup and costs us about 100 baht.

 photo P1250535_zpsyxcvdbki.jpg

It was yummy! I should have ordered a whole cup for myself. Lol.

 photo P1250542_zpsvwqcbuqj.jpg

Words written on the cup explain most of it so I do not have to describe anything.

 photo P1250543_zpszc3wcygy.jpg

After finishing the yogurt, we walked around some more. It would be my last night in Bangkok. We would be leaving the next day, so I wanted to explore the mall a bit more.

 photo P1250544_zpsrfjf6amk.jpg

Took some more pictures.

 photo P1250548_zpsktfejh1m.jpg

I like the decoration here.

 photo P1250552_zpstulrpozw.jpg

I think we only left when the mall was about to close. Lol. It was a good third day in Bangkok.