Feng Shui 2016 According To Joey Yap (Part 3)

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Continued from Part 2

So now that we know the auspicious and inauspicious sectors for 2016, it's time to do something first about the inauspicious sectors.

For most feng shui masters, the advice is to place cures in the afflicted sectors. However, Joey Yap does it a bit differently. He does not encourage placement of objects except water. Instead, he suggested that we activate four auspicious stars as a back-up immunity in the event we accidentally trigger the bad stars in the afflicted sectors.

The four auspicious stars are the Dragon Virtue, the Moon, the Sun and the Fortune Virtue.

Image taken from seminar booklet

Out of these four stars, the Dragon Virtue is the most important as it is a very effective immunity even if you trigger the Grand Duke and the Three Killings. Below is the location of each star and the date and time you should activate them.

Dragon Virtue
Location : East 2
Date and Time : 18 March 2016, 6.30am  or  26 April 2016, 7.30am

Location : West 2
Date and Time : 1 March 2016, 7.30pm  or  25 June 2016, 11.30am

Location : North West 3
Date and Time : 21 April 2016, 7.30pm  or  9 May 2016, 3.30pm

Fortune Virtue
Location : South East 3
Date and Time : 6 February 2016, 6.30am  or  1 March 2016, 1.30pm

Note that the date and time stated above are the local time in whichever country you are staying.

How do we activate these auspicious sectors? There are many ways, amongst them, you can rearrange your furniture, hang a painting on the wall or do some minor refurbishment. Or you can simply place a water feature.

Towards the end of the seminar, Joey Yap revealed a list of date and time to activate for wealth, health, relationship and more. Here is the complete list. He added that you will actually see results within 2 weeks to a month after activation.

3 dates to choose from...

1. 27 January 2016, 6.30am - South West 3 (Clash : Tiger)

2. 24 February 2016, 6.30am - South East 3 (Clash : Horse)

3. 26 April 2016, 6.30am - East 2 (Clash : Monkey)

*Note : Clash means if you have that animal sign in your Bazi Chart, then that particular date is not beneficial for you. For example, if you have a Tiger in your Bazi Chart, then the first date (27 January 2016) is not suitable for you. Choose another date instead. You can choose just one date to activate or you can activate on all three dates as long as none of the animal sign clashes with you.

2 dates to choose from ...

1. 1 March 2016, 11.30am - South (Clash : Rat)

2. 5 April 2016, 11.30am - South (Clash : Pig)

3 dates to choose from ...

1. 29 January 2016, 3.30pm - North 2 (Clash : Dragon)

2. 26 April 2016, 9.30am - West 2 (Clash : Monkey)

3. 18 February 2016, 7.30am - South (Clash : Rat)

*Note : During the negotiation, sit with your back facing the direction given. For example, if you are making a deal on 29 January 2016, sit with your back facing North 2, and let the other person sit opposite.

**Note : The third date 18 February 2016 is most suitable for land and property related deal.

2 dates to choose from ...

1. 27 March 2016, 6.30am - South East 3 (Clash : Tiger)

2. 5 April 2016, 7.30pm - West 2 (Clash : Pig)

*Note : Sit with your back facing the direction given. For example, to win an argument on 27 March 2016, sit with your back facing South East 3, and let the person you are arguing with sit opposite, i.e. in the North West. Alternatively, you can also activate the South East 3 sector in your home with water, then only meet the person later in the day.

2 dates to choose from ...

1. 24 February 2016, 5.30pm - South  (Clash : Horse)

2. 23 April 2016, 9.30pmWest (Clash : Snake)

*Note : The clash here refers to the animal sign in the other person's Bazi Chart, not yours! So make sure you check his or her Bazi Chart beforehand. To activate, you need to face the direction given, and the other person face the opposite. For example, to activate on 24 February 2016, you need to face South and your intended target faces you ie. North. And he or she must not have a Horse in his/her Bazi Chart for it to work.

3 dates to choose from ...

1. 6 February 2016, 9.30am - West  (Clash : Rat)

2. 1 March 2016, 9.30am - South  (Clash : Rat)

3. 5 April 2016, 9.30am - South  (Clash : Pig)

2 dates to choose from ...

1. 15 March 2016, 5.30pm - West 2  (Clash : Tiger)

2. 30 April 2016, 7.30am - South East 3  (Clash : Rat)


12 April 2016, 9.30am - South  (Clash : Horse)

*Note : Sit facing North and with back to the South. You can make a wish for yourself or your immediate family members.

Besides the good dates and times for activation, Joey Yap also warned about 2 bad days to avoid doing anything important like moving house, starting a business, getting married or undergoing surgery. The two bad dates are as follows ...

1. 5 September 2016, 3.30pm - South West  (Clash : Moneky)
This is a 'double funeral' day which must never be used for burial. The negative effect of using this day for burial is that 'if one is buried, another will soon follow'.

2. 9 March 2016, 9.30am  (Clash : Monkey)
This is the date and time of a Solar Eclipse, which is deemed very inauspicious in both Chinese and Western astrology. Joey Yap warned that being exposed to the eclipse for 1 minute is equivalent to 1 year of bad luck, 2 minutes equals to 2 years of bad luck and so on. Best to stay indoors till the eclipse is over!

Chinese New Year is coming soon and most Chinese people will invite the God Of Wealth to their homes. In actual fact, what they are really doing is activating the Wealth Star. You can do the same without the firecrackers and the prayer rituals associated with it. All you need to do is to activate these three sectors - East, South West and North West on 8 February 2016 at 1.30am or 3am.

You can choose to activate just one sector or all three - it's all up to you.

This is for those who plan to start work on an auspicious day after the Chinese New Year holidays. Mainly for business owners, not so important for those working for others.

1. 12 February 2016, 6.30am (Clash : Horse)

2. 15 February 2016, 11.30am (Clash : Rooster)

3. 16 February 2016, 9.30am (Clash : Dog)

4. 19 February 2016, 6.30am (Clash : Ox)

In Part 4 (final part), I shall be sharing about Qi Men Dun Jia and how you can use it to increase your chances of success in getting what you want. Stay tuned :)

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