Feng Shui 2016 According To Joey Yap (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Now that we know what the year 2016 holds for us, let's move on to discover which sectors in your home are auspicious and which are inauspicious in this Year of the Fire Monkey.

To do that, you need to have a proper compass so that you can plot the sectors of your home. An iPhone compass is fine. In fact, most mobile phones come with a compass nowadays so you don't really need to go out and buy a physical compass.

Now what you need to do is to stand in the middle of your house with the compass at waist height and let the compass needle stops spinning. You will be able to see where exactly the North direction is. Then using your house plan, mark out all the 8 main sectors of the compass like the example shown below.

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If you do not have a house plan, then try to draw your own but make it as accurate as possible.

Once you have a your 8 main sectors all marked out, refer to the Flying Star Chart for 2016.

Image taken from seminar booklet

The flying stars refer to the numbers in the grid which 'fly' around in a certain pattern every year. Each number represents different things. So the Flying Star Chart differs from year to year and that is why you need to update your feng shui every year. The sector that is auspicious this year may become inauspicious next year. You do not want to be activating inauspicious energy!

Let's start with the auspicious sectors first shall we?

In 2016, the number 8 which represents direct wealth flies to the South West sector. Direct wealth means hard work that creates wealth for you.  If your main door or bedroom is located here, then you will enjoy great wealth this year. If not, then try to use this sector more often. Frequent usage of the South West sector this year will manifest success and prosperity for the occupants.

Alternatively, Joey Yap recommends activating the Wealth Star 8 with placement of water in this sector. The water feature should be at least 2 feet deep and about 1,000 square feet large to be effective. It should not be covered and is best placed outside the house. If you already have a swimming pool in the South West, that's perfect and there is no need to do anything more.

But what happens if your toilet is in the South West? Joey Yap said in such a case, simply use your toilet more often! OK, I am not sure if he's joking, or he's trying to be sarcastic. LOL.

The next auspicious sector this year is in the East sector where the number 9 resides. 9 represents indirect wealth which is wealth created after leveraging on one-time work, or wealth from investments. This sector is most important to business owners and investors. Regular usage of this sector will manifest positive outcomes for one's investments, status and recognition.

If you don't use much of the East sector, then activating it with water will also do the trick. The same rules regarding water activation as mentioned above applies. Again, if you happen to have a swimming pool in the East, then you have it made!

Note that water placed outside the house is always more effective than water placed inside the house. According to Joey Yap, external water means you are using other people's money for your investment or business, thus there is no risk on your side. Internal water means you are actually using your own money, so it is more risky.

The number 1 Star flies to the South East this year. Number 1 represents reputation, recognition and advancement. It is important to note that the number 1 Star when combined with the South East sector is considered one of the most favourite combinations in Flying Star feng shui. This combination represents the highest ranking nobleman star, so if you wish to attract helpful people and nobleman in your life, you must activate the South East this year.

Again, activate it simply by using the South East sector more often, or use water placement.

Another auspicious sector for 2016 is the South sector where the number 6 Star resides. This star represents authority, career, power and reputation. Activating this sector will enhance chances of promotion and salary increment. This sector is also the execution palace, meaning this is the sector that get things done. So if you are running a business, putting key people like project managers in the South sector of your office will ensure that things get done.

In summary, if your house front door or bedroom is located in these four auspicious sectors i.e. South West, East, South East and South, you will most likely enjoy good feng shui in 2016.

Now let's move on to the inauspicious sectors for 2016.

The deadliest sector this year is North East, where the Five Yellow (Star number 5) flies in. This dreaded star which is an Earth element flies into the North East, which is also an Earth element sector, making it twice as deadly. But that's not all. It so happens that the Year Breaker (or Sui Po) is also located in the North East (specifically North East 3) this year, thus making this sector a triple whammy!

Refrain from doing any type of renovation, and groundbreaking activities at the North East sector or you will suffer from misfortunes, loss of wealth, illness and accidents.

The best and safest way to avoid the Five Yellow and Year Breaker afflictions is to simply avoid using the North East this year. If you have a bedroom here, move out! If you have the front door here, try using another door. But if that is not possible, then Joey Yap recommends activating all the good sectors to the maximum. This will make the positives far outweigh the negatives, thus balancing out the bad energy or vibes created by the afflictions.

The West sector has the Romance and Scholastic Star number 4 this year. This is supposed to be a pretty good sector for those who are pursuing academic success and also in romantic relationships, so it's not really an inauspicious sector. However, the wood element of Star number 4 clashes with the metal element of the West sector, indicating betrayal and a setback in trust. An alternative for academic excellence is to use South East.

The number 7 star flies into the North this year. This star when activated, will bring about robbery and loss of wealth. If your main door is located here, you have a higher risk of being robbed.

The number 3 star, which brings arguments and disputes flies into the North West this year. Avoid using this sector as it causes conflicts and arguments which may escalate to lawsuits and legal issues. However, if you are stuck in your career, this sector may be useful to create a change, though you will need to go through some pain.

Image taken from seminar booklet

Now, besides the inauspicious sectors mentioned above, do also take note of two other major afflictions. One is the Three Killings which is located at the South sector this year. Keep the South sector quiet and do not have any renovation or groundbreaking activities here to avoid the risk of illness, accidents and loss of wealth.

Note that this actually contradict with the earlier advice about activating the South sector because it has the auspicious number 6 star. Well, I really do not know if you should activate the South or not, but personally I will not. Better to play safe than to risk it! If you are a feng shui expert reading this, what do you advise?

The second affliction is the Grand Duke Jupiter (or Tai Sui) which is located at South West 3 this year. Just like the Three Killings, starting a renovation or doing ground breaking here will result in illness, accidents and loss of wealth. Try not to spend too much time in this sector and most importantly, DO NOT sit facing the Grand Duke, ie. DO NOT face South West. However, sitting with your back against the South West will actually enhance your authority as it is said that you have the backing of the Grand Duke.

Again, should I activate South West since it's the Wealth sector this year? Contradictions again! Perhaps make sure you activate just South West 1 and 2, but be careful not to touch South West 3? 

In conclusion, do not renovate or aggravate the following sectors in 2016...
North East - Five Yellow
North East 3 - Year Breaker
South - Three Killings
South West 3 - Grand Duke Jupiter

However, what happens if you accidentally trigger these negative sectors? What happens if it's not you who trigger it, but someone else? You see, some things are beyond your control. What if your neighbour decide to do a renovation at the part of their home which is in your North East sector this year? They will inadvertently trigger the Five Yellow for you!

Most feng shui masters would recommend placing a cure at the afflicted area. However, Joey Yap said that placing cures like feng shui items and objects are not really effective. His advice is to activate the good sectors instead so that the negative effects from triggering the bad stars would be minimised.

Personally, I prefer to do both ie. placing the cures as well as activating the good sectors. You don't need to buy expensive feng shui paraphernalia, you just need to place objects based on the five elements theory. But well, different people will have different opinion regarding this matter so while we can debate about this to no end, I would have to end this post here.

In Part 3, I will be sharing what the four major sectors Joey Yap said you must activate in order to build a back-up immunity just in case you or your neighbour accidentally trigger the bad sectors. Also, I will be sharing the activation dates and times that Joey Yap provided during the seminar. These are activation for wealth, health, relationships, academic, and more, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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