Feng Shui 2016 According To Joey Yap (Part 1)

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Last Sunday, I attended Joey Yap's 2016 Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar at KL Convention Centre. It was the first time I took the LRT to attend a seminar in KL. I usually drive, but I decided to do something different this time.

As expected, it was full house. Look at this photo of the Plenary Hall! (Photo taken from Joey Yap's Facebook page).

I went there with two other friends that day. We had to queue up to register for the seminar - and the queue was long! Luckily, the queue moved pretty fast and it did not take too long.

I have to say this is one of the better yearly seminars of Joey Yap. I think this time, he did a fantastic job of explaining the basics especially to feng shui newbies without taking too much time. And of course, he was still as sarcastic as ever, which I thought was what made his seminar fun.

Just like last year, we were required to print out our Personal Bazi Charts so that what he said would be relevant to each individual. I am going to share with you what he said during the seminar so if you do not have your Bazi Chart ready, do get it HERE before continue reading.

Below is the Bazi Chart for the Year 2016. Sorry if it's not very clear. The image, which is copyrighted, is taken from Joey Yap's Seminar booklet. So I am not sure how long this image will remain here. In the event that I am asked to take it down, I may have no choice but to do so (hopefully not!)

According to Joey Yap, the most dominant element in 2016 is Fire. This is followed by Wood, Water, Metal and lastly, Earth which is the least dominant. However, this applies to Malaysia only.

Fire industries will do well in 2016. This includes petrol, food, aviation, technology, electronics, entertainment and pharmaceutical.

Now check your Personal Bazi Chart. If you have Fire in any of the four pillars, then that's good news for you. However, too much fire means you will be emotional, so just 2 or 3 fires in your chart is good enough.

If you do not have Fire in your chart, check if you have Wood instead. Since Wood produces Fire, even if you do not have a single Fire in your chart, having Wood means you are still safe :)

Joey Yap also mentioned that if you have both Fire and Wood, then it's pretty safe to travel in 2016. Otherwise, try not to travel so much.

There is also Fire conquering Metal (Fire sitting on top of Metal) in this year's Chart. The last time a similar chart appeared was during 9/11. So there may be major conflicts and explosion this year.

Metal also represents job security so this will likely affect those in the metal industries like financial, banking, military, and automobiles. Metal is regarded as a negative element this year.

However, one element missing from the chart is Water (only have hidden Water in the Chart). So anyone with Water in his or her Personal Bazi Chart will be the luckiest in 2016.

Water industries will do well since water is sorely needed. This includes tourism, aquatic, fishery, shipping, transport, and the service industry.

Earth, which is the least dominant element this year will confirm the fears of many that the property market will not be booming in 2016. However, Joey Yap said it may perhaps be a good time to buy property. Others in the Earth industry includes insurance, mining, and construction.

In conclusion, if you have all the three elements - Water, Wood and Fire in your Personal Bazi Chart, 2016 will be a great year for you! If you do not have all three, then it may mean 2016 will be a rather challenging year.

Also, the more Earth elements you have in your Bazi Chart, the worse it will be. 2016 may then turn out to be a really slow year for you. However, do not be upset. After all, it is only for one year. Nothing is permanent. And things will change in 2017. Also, if your Bazi Chart does not favour your luck and fortune this year, you can improve your situation by using Feng Shui! Now you know why we need to learn about Feng Shui, don't you? :)

Referring to the 2016 Bazi Chart, Joey Yap explained some of the calamities that might occur in 2016. Since there is a Fire - Metal clash, this indicates transport accidents. Monkey and Tiger clash also indicates major accidents.

If you have Monkey and Tiger in your Personal Bazi Chart, then your chances of being involved in traffic accident is higher.

The Fire - Metal clash also indicates war related conflicts, possibly more terrorist attacks.

With Water hidden underneath the Chart, this may possibly indicate tsunami. Fire on top of the Chart also indicates hurricane.

As for Health issues, Metal in the Bazi Chart indicates illness dealing with lungs, breathing and also prostate problems.

For 2016, Metal represents Cash, Water represents Profits, Fire represents Sales and Wood represents Assets. If you have Metal in your Personal Bazi Chart, then you will have cash. If it appears on the top (heavenly stem), then everyone knows you are rich. But if it appears at the bottom (Earthly branch), then no one knows you are rich.

If you have Water in your Chart, then it is a profitable year for you. Even though it is profitable, it does not mean you receive the cash. So for a person running a business, it is best to have both Water and Metal in his or her chart. Otherwise, your business may be making profit, but the cash does not reach you.

If you have Fire in your Chart, this means you have sales. For sales to take place also indicates you are influential and have the ability to easily convince people.

If you have Wood in your Chart, this means you have better luck than others in getting property or assets this year.

Joey Yap also briefly mentioned about Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, having Water and Metal in his Bazi Chart, so Joey believes Tim will be having some great opportunities this year.

Without going into full details, I am going to briefly mention about the animal signs and what they each represents in your Bazi Chart. The Wealth Stars are Ox, Pig, Snake and Rabbit. If you have an Ox in the Month Pillar, your career will improve this year.

The Relationship Stars are Ox, Goat and Rooster. Ox represents happy events, Goat true love and Rooster uncontrollable desire.

Rabbit, Rat and Monkey represents Status, Power and Recognition. Of these three, Rabbit is the greatest as it is the most auspicious star where you will have the power to command other people. If you have Monkey in your Chart, then a lot of people will take notice of you this year - definitely a good animal sign to have if you into branding or marketing.

Rooster, Snake and Rabbit represent Helpful People. Rooster is the most powerful nobleman star. If Rooster is in your Year Pillar, then you are the noble person - make sure you are more helpful to others. If you have Snake in your Chart, then it's a year of good food and entertainment - which of course translates to getting fat! LOL. Rabbit is a Dragon Virtue star meaning if you have Rabbit in your month or day pillar, you will see all your obstacles easily dissolved.

Tiger and Boar both represents Dissolving Problems. If you have Tiger in your chart, then no matter how big is your problem, it will most certainly be resolved. If you have a Boar, then it is a good year to move house.

Academic are represented by Dragon and Monkey. A Monkey in your chart indicates you are somehow more intelligent this year - you can decipher things easily.

Tiger and Snake indicates connections and networking. If you have Tiger in your chart, you will be good at networking this year. And if you have a Snake, then you will get to know the right people at the right places!

People with Boar and Rooster in their Chart may suffer from memory lapse and forgetfulness this year. While people with Dog, Goat, Tiger and Rat may be emotional.

Those with Dragon and Horse should watch out for accidents. Dragon indicates bleeding and small injuries - you can take pre-emptive measures by donating blood. Doing so will help you avoid unlucky accidents that might befall you.

For health related issues, those with Goat, Monkey and Tiger in their charts take note. Goat indicates stomach problem and digestive issues. Monkey indicates injuries by sharp objects, possible minor surgeries and accidents at work. Tiger indicates internal bleeding, inflammation and cyst or growth.
If you have all three - Goat, Monkey, Tiger - in your Bazi Chart, then you may be very sick in 2016 so do make extra effort to take good care of your health!

Joey Yap then showed us how to resolve problems using animal signs. For example, if you have a Goat in your Bazi Chart and it is a problem for you, then you need to look for people with Dog, Rat or Horse to assist you. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the chart here. Anyone knows where to get this chart?

In Part 2, I will cover the Flying Star Charts of 2016, which directions and sectors in your home are auspicious and inauspicious, and what you can do about them. Stay tuned :)

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