Time For A Holiday Break!

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I sorely needed a break, so it's time to go traveling again! By the time you read this post, I am already having my holidays outside Malaysia.

This time, I just want a relaxing holiday, nothing too adventurous. That means there will be some shopping, which I don't do much while traveling. Also, this time I prefer to revisit places I have been before rather than visit new places, although that won't stop me from exploring some new places of course!

Since I will be doing some shopping, I thought it's the perfect time to get some souvenirs for my readers. But I can't be buying souvenirs for everyone, so I shall have a contest. The first TWO people who answer the travel-related questions below correctly will win the souvenirs.

Here are the questions ....

1. Where am I going for my holidays? Name the country and the city or town.

2. Where did I buy something 'naughty' in Hong Kong?

3. In which year did I visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok and took loads of pictures of the mall's toilets?

Can't answer them? No worries, I have provided some hints for you below. All you need is just a little detective work and you will have no problem getting the answers.

Hints for Question 1 : I have been to this country back in 2013, and I am still blogging about it now!

Hints for Question 2 : Just click HERE.

Hints for Question 3 : Just click HERE.

That's it. Easy peasy, right? :)

Now, for a BONUS QUESTION. What? Didn't think I will give a bonus question? LOL!
But, wait .... I have not one, not two, but THREE BONUS QUESTIONS. I am feeling generous. Hahaha! There will be THREE winners for these bonus questions. The first person to get the correct answer to any one of these questions will win a souvenir from me.

1. What did I eat on board my AirAsia flight from KL?

2. Where did I visit during the afternoon of 25th March 2015?

3. What did I have for lunch on 26th March 2015?

Hint : I do not know the answers myself (with the exception of Question 1 as I had pre-ordered my meal online) as they have yet to happen! LOL! To get the answer, you will need to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I will be posting about them on all three social networks, especially Instagram. Yes the pictures will be on Instagram first, then Twitter and lastly Facebook. Hehe.

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To follow me on Instagram, just add my username foongpc.

GOOD LUCK and Have FUN!! :)

1. This contest is open to Malaysians only. (Sorry to my international readers!)

2. You can choose to answer :
a) Questions 1-3 only or
b) Any 1, 2 or all 3 Bonus Questions only or
c) both Questions 1-3 plus any one of the Bonus Questions or
d) ALL the questions in this contest!

3. If you are a winner for Questions 1-3, you can still be a winner for the Bonus Questions and vice versa. However, if you are a winner to one of the Bonus Questions, you cannot be a winner for the other two Bonus Questions.

4. The contest closes on 30th March at 12pm sharp.

5. The winners will be announced in this blog on 31st March.