My Second Hanoi Trip

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It's unbelievable that 5 days passed by so fast. With a blink of the eye, I was back from my second Hanoi trip. My first trip was back in March 2013, just 2 years ago. Since that first trip, I had promised myself to revisit this charming city - and that's exactly what I did.

I have to say, this second trip was even more enjoyable than my first one. I'm now missing Hanoi badly but I guess there will always be future trips! I shall blog about this trip soon, but believe it or not, I have to first finish blogging about my Hanoi trip from 2 years ago! LOL!

Anyway, the purpose of today's blog post is to announce the winners of my Contest which I posted before I flew to Hanoi for my holidays. So, without further delay, here are the answers to my questions.

Question 1 : Where am I going for my holidays? Name the country and the city or town.
Answer : Hanoi, Vietnam

Question 2 : Where did I buy something 'naughty' in Hong Kong?
Answer : The Ladies Market in Mongkok

Question 3 : In which year did I visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok and took loads of picture of the mall's toilets?
Answer : 2012

Congrats to the following first two persons who answered my questions correctly! Please email me your address so that I can send you the souvenirs ASAP. My email is Thank you.

The 2 winners are :
1. Mariuca
2. Ishmael Ahab (not supposed to qualify since you are not from Malaysia, but lucky you, I am changing the rules due to insufficient participants)

This time, I was feeling generous and had 3 Bonus Questions for my readers. Here are the answers to the three Bonus Questions.

Bonus Question 1 : What did I eat on board my AirAsia flight from KL?
Answer : Bukhara Briyani Rice

Bonus Question 2 : Where did I visit during the afternoon of 25th March 2015?
Answer : Tam Coc

Bonus Question 3 : What did I have for lunch on 26th March 2015?
Answer : Bun Bo Nam Bo

Unfortunately, not many readers gave these Bonus Questions a try. Anyway there are 2 winners.

The 2 winners are :
1. Mariuca (answered Bonus Question 1 correctly)
2. Merryn Tan (answered all Bonus Questions correctly, but there can only be 1 prize. However, I am giving you 2 souvenirs since you attempted all the questions!)

Congrats! Email me your address to Thank you!

Since I will not be blogging about this Hanoi trip so soon (I need to complete my 2013 Hanoi trip first!) I shall just show you some pictures I took as a preview of what is to come.

 photo P1270934_zpsektl7vmm.jpg
Boat ride along the scenic river in Tam Coc

 photo P1280039_zpsiapjbfyk.jpg
Awesome ca phe trung (egg coffee) at Giang Cafe

 photo P1280127_zpsgjxqioht.jpg
Plane and Flag Tower at the Vietnam Military History Museum

 photo P1280058_zpsyib0hwam.jpg
Night scene from the Coffee Club after the rain

 photo P1280403_zpsgnib2wfi.jpg
Inside St Joseph's Cathedral (Nha Tho Lon)

 photo P1280224_zpsiqouexvs.jpg
Bizarre display of giant fruits with lopsided furnitures at Ho Chi Minh Museum

 photo P1280420_zpsu7sbmbvz.jpg
Walking the Long Bien Bridge is quite an unforgettable experience!

 photo P1280715_zpsrgwdhydb.jpg
Statues of man and woman showing off their private parts at Jarai Tomb House attracted lots of attention at the amazing Museum Of Ethnology

 photo P1280946_zps6ixf2yxp.jpg
Night view of Hanoi streets from the open rooftop of City View Cafe

 photo P1280106_zpshiihbpvl.jpg
One interesting cafe in Hanoi - Puku Cafe at Tong Duy Tan street

I do hope that my photos got you hooked and maybe inspire you to book your next holiday in Hanoi. Well, you can bet that I will go visit Hanoi again and again. Stay tuned for my future posts on this wonderful city!