I'm Giving Up On Snowflake!

Posted by : foongpc | Friday, March 7, 2014 | Published in


I used to like Snowflake. Loved it lots. It was, in my opinion, one of the better dessert shops around.

And then something went wrong. The quality started to deteriorate. The shaved ice had became coarse and was not as fine as before. It was no longer my favorite dessert.

A week before Chinese New Year, I was shopping at Paradigm Mall when I chanced upon Snowflake again. At that time, they were heavily promoting their new Mango series so I decided to give it one more chance.

I ordered the Mango Sensation, priced at RM12.90.

 photo P1240796_zps1255a1df.jpg

Looks delicious, no?

Unfortunately, it did not taste good to me. And the shaved ice - look at the shaved ice!! So coarse and rough!

 photo P1240800_zpsb20473f5.jpg

It's a far cry from the Snowflake that I used to know when it first started. At that time, I was full of praise for its finely shaved ice. Now, it's worse than eating poor quality ice kacang!

I regret to say this, but I'm giving up on Snowflake. Unless they do something and improve. Maybe, then just maybe, I will go back.

On another matter, I noticed that the Snowflake shop at Paradigm Mall had a rather interesting design in the form of trees made from recycled plastic bottles!

 photo P1240777_zps61de5694.jpg

Ooh! I just love this tree!

 photo P1240794_zps25680b5f.jpg

So creative of them using simple plastic bottles to create a tree!

 photo P1240791_zps73f6a193.jpg

Although I am very disappointed with their Mango Sensation, I am giving them full marks for this beautiful design!

 photo P1240790_zpse26d1506.jpg

But good creative design is not going to make your customers come back for more, it's still the food that matters. So buck up, Snowflake. And make me want to eat your desserts again!

 photo P1240785_zps3f81a549.jpg

Otherwise,  I will just have to say good bye for good!