Watching The Symphony Of Lights At Avenue Of Stars

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My last night in Hong Kong was spent watching the Symphony Of Lights taking place at Victoria Harbour.

Right after we returned from the Big Buddha, my friend and I did some quick shopping at the Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung before rushing off to the Avenue Of Stars to catch the Symphony Of Lights.

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Named as the 'World's Largest Permanent Light And Sound Show' by Guinness World Records, this Symphony Of Lights is a synchronised multimedia light and sound show involving 44 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

It is held nightly at 8pm for a duration of about 14 minutes.

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There are a few good spots to watch this Symphony Of Lights - among them are at the Avenue Of Stars on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, the promenade outside the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai and on the Star Ferry running across Victoria Harbour.

We chose the Avenue Of Stars. When we reached there, it was full of people all waiting to catch the show!

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I found it very difficult to take photos with the huge crowds in front of me. Since I was only using my humble Lumix LX3 camera, I did not manage to capture good photos. Most appeared grainy and the lack of light did not help.

 photo P1130708_zps6e62f82e.jpg

The light and laser displays turned out to be quite interesting. I could see different lighting effects such as laser, searchlights, LED lights and projection lighting.

 photo P1130714_zpsd95fa45d.jpg

I heard that during public holidays and during Chinese New Year, they would add in special pyrotechnic fireworks display.

 photo P1130715_zps6befcd4d.jpg

If you want to see better photos of the light and laser show, please google it! LOL. Anyway, after the show was over, we walked around a bit and I took some photos of the night scenery.

There were many boats passing by and it was quite nice to watch them running across the water with the brightly lit Hong Kong skyscrapers in the background.

 photo P1130728_zps226be6a3.jpg

I particularly like this red junk boat!

 photo P1130742_zps2458221c.jpg

Did you know you can take a cruise on this junk boat?

 photo P1130755_zps0125a1ea.jpg

Regrettably, I did not get the chance to sit on any boats during my Hong Kong trip. I will make sure I sit on one if I ever go Hong Kong again!

 photo P1130756_zpseca47dba.jpg

We continued to walk leisurely around the place. I just soaked in the atmosphere. It's my last night in Hong Kong after all. We would be leaving for home the next day in the afternoon. I could not help feeling a tinge of sadness that my holidays would be ending soon.

 photo P1130759_zps8c1e4e19.jpg

More photos below....

 photo P1130761_zps372bafaa.jpg

 photo P1130763_zps1171d0d9.jpg

 photo P1130769_zpsbbad2248.jpg

We also passed by the famous Clock Tower landmark.

 photo P1130771_zpsd29c6252.jpg

It was too dark to capture anything at the Avenue Of Stars so I had planned to return to this place the next morning.

 photo P1130773_zpsb3432718.jpg

I managed to capture a photo of this Clock Tower the next morning so perhaps I will talk a bit more about this it in my next post : )

 photo P1130774_zps887440b8.jpg

We walked the streets and it was nice to take some night photos of the beautiful Hong Kong streets!

 photo P1130779_zpsb23d7f56.jpg

But it was time for dinner. We decided to return to Mongkok to search for our favorite food!

 photo P1130783_zpsdd6cf971.jpg

Hong Kong is always alive at night! That's one thing I like about Hong Kong.

 photo P1130784_zps1d79a683.jpg

Guess where we ended up eating our dinner? Why, it's back to Ming Yuen Noodles Restaurant for their yummy wonton noodles soup! I have already blogged about this restaurant - read HERE.

 photo P1130787_zps54ca7c5a.jpg

Look at those big juicy wontons, those yummy fresh glass lettuce and those chewy noodles! I am really missing this right now!!

If I were to choose between watching the Symphony Of Lights and eating this bowl of wonton noodles, I will definitely choose the latter. Haha!!

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