Walking The Avenue Of Stars

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On our last day in Hong Kong, my friend and I visited the Avenue Of Stars located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui.

We were there the night before to catch the Symphony Of Lights show but since it was too dark to explore the Avenue Of Stars, we decided to return the next morning. From Mongkok, we took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, walked through a passageway leading to Tsim Sha Tsui East Station before getting out via Exit J. (Refer to the MTR map HERE)

 photo P1130803_zps270eb517.jpg

From there, it was roughly a 3-minute walk to the Avenue Of Stars. Along the way we passed by Hong Kong Museum Of Art. Due to lack of time, we did not visit this museum.

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The first sight that greeted me at the Avenue Of Stars was this 4.5 metre tall replica of the statuette award given to winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

 photo P1130805_zpse88d7921.jpg

There's a promotional poster of Hong Kong's tourist attractions by the Hong Kong Tourism Board featuring famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leung at the promenade.

 photo P1130807_zps4d7abd73.jpg

We saw this giant statuette the night before when we watched the Symphony Of Lights but it was too dark then. Now I could see it clearly in the bright day lights.

 photo P1130810_zps718ec056.jpg

The Avenue Of Stars, which is modelled after Hollywood Walk Of Fame, honors celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry.

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Built at the cost of HK$40 million, the Avenue Of Stars was first opened to the general public on 28 April 2004.

 photo P1130813_zps95a85acf.jpg

Oh! Is this cute or what? : )

 photo P1130814_zps4b6fa97b.jpg

Took another photo from a different angle to show the car hidden behind it : )

 photo P1130819_zps7780c6c2.jpg

Set into the 440-metre long promenade were plaques honoring Hong Kong celebrities, both alive and dead.

 photo P1130815_zpsc731e530.jpg

Some plaques contain hand prints and autographs of the stars set in cement. This one below belongs to veteran actress Josephine Siew Fong Fong.

 photo P1130824_zps3302b6b6.jpg

For those who are already deceased, their plaques only contain their names, like this Bruce Lee's plaque.

 photo P1130826_zps5b22a37c.jpg

I think there were more than 100 plaques here - it was not practical for me to take photos of each and every plaque LOL! By the way, this is Jackie Chan's.

 photo P1130828_zpsfdb26dba.jpg

And Kenneth Tsang's.

 photo P1130845_zps8dd4e7ca.jpg

Oh, I stumbled upon the late actor and singer Leslie Cheung's plaque. There were wreaths and flowers on top of his plaque.

 photo P1130830_zps69d54480.jpg

For the benefit of those who are not into Hong Kong stars, Leslie committed suicide on 1st April 2003 by leaping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central District, Hong Kong Island. Pretty tragic, no?

 photo P1130831_zps62c12601.jpg

Nice film reel design on the floor.

 photo P1130818_zps6391c031.jpg

A film making scene with the cameraman and the director.

 photo P1130821_zps5518cd88.jpg

Bruce Lee immortalized in this bronze statue.

 photo P1130833_zps81cbdb69.jpg

Just took another shot with the cruise liner in the background. LOL!

 photo P1130836_zps9576b543.jpg

More statues showcasing the filming industry in Hong Kong.

 photo P1130841_zps7448962d.jpg

 photo P1130842_zps0b1b2647.jpg

 photo P1130844_zps45b471cc.jpg

I thought the Avenue Of Stars was a great tourist attraction with stunning panoramic view of the Hong Kong Island skyline.

 photo P1130848_zpsd344711c.jpg

But why was it so hazy? Was it due to air pollution?

 photo P1130868_zps822d6f84.jpg

Took two more pictures of the Hong Kong Island skyline.

 photo P1130873_zps35446d7e.jpg

 photo P1130880_zpsc9b3af7d.jpg

We then walked over to the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower nearby.

 photo P1130886_zpsf6540ac6.jpg

Built of red bricks and granite, this Clock Tower stands at 44 metres high. Can you see the long lightning rod at the top?

 photo P1130887_zps6bf13e21.jpg

Walking further, we reached the Ferry Pier. Here, I saw the cruise liner Ocean Princess docking so I just snapped a photo of it.

 photo P1130897_zpsce301078.jpg

It was time to return to our hotel in Mongkok to check out before heading straight to the airport. Our 6 days in Hong Kong had been both exciting and memorable. So is this the end of my Hong Kong posts? Well, not quite. Stay tuned for my next post coming soon! : )