Walking The Streets Of Siem Reap

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It was our last day in Siem Reap.

After 3 days of temples, temples and more temples in Siem Reap, I was looking forward to 3 non-temples days in Phnom Penh. But then again, all these amazing temples had inspired me to visit the ancient pyramids of Egypt with its history and architectural wonders. Perhaps I should start planning for a nice Egypt holidays soon!

Jam, his friend and I would be boarding the bus to Phnom Penh in the afternoon. After visiting Artisans d'Angkor in the morning, there was still some time left so we decided to have an early lunch.

We opted to go to Khmer Kitchen at Pub Street Alley again. If you recall, we went there for dinner on our first day in Siem Reap - read the post HERE.

Before I blog about our lunch, here are some pictures I took along the streets of Siem Reap. This is the Tourist Information Centre which is located very near to Angkor Friendship Inn where we stayed for 3 nights.

This is Mandalay Inn which had a notice hanging on the top floor. Can you read it? No?

Let me magnify for you. Now can you read it?

Here is another guesthouse called Ei8htRooms which I thought was rather nice.

All these inns and guesthouses, including the one were were staying in, are within walking distance to each other. If you plan to visit Siem Reap, you might want to check them out as they are in the best location.

Can you guess what is inside each of these bottles?

No, they are not for drinking. It's actually petrol! I remember seeing petrol sold in bottles in Bali too - you can read about it HERE.

Oh! I learnt something new in Cambodia! Look at these bricks. Can you see they are hollow? Well, guess what? Hollow bricks are used in almost all buildings in Cambodia to save cost!

OK, so what did we eat at Khmer Kitchen Restaurant? I was thirsty and ordered this Khmer iced coffee. It was refreshing!

I had actually forgotten the names of the dishes we ordered so I would just give each dish a general name. This is spicy Khmer soup which contains mixed vegetables and meat. I could not remember whether the meat was pork or beef. This picture may not look yummy to you, but I assure you it was very delicious!

Next we had a type of Khmer curry which contains mainly meat (again not sure whether it was pork or beef) and vegetables. The curry was very delicious as coconut cream was added to it.

Lastly, we had Chicken Lok Lak - a popular Cambodian dish that is made up of stir fried chicken served on a bed of cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes and egg. There was also a bowl of dipping sauce made with lime and pepper.

All three dishes cost USD3 each. My glass of iced coffee cost USD1. I thought the price was most reasonable! I have to say I enjoyed the food at this restaurant. If I ever return to Siem Reap in the future, I will surely visit this restaurant again!

After lunch, we quickly went back to Angkor Friendship Inn to check out. On the way, I snapped a picture of this huge tree. I wondered why I did that! Just for fun I guess haha!

I wondered how long it would take for the bus to reach Phnom Penh from Siem Reap. I don't really like to sit in buses for too long. Well, you will soon find that out in my next post, so stay tuned.