My Visit To KL Bird Park (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Having enjoyed the man-made waterfall in Zone 4 of KL Bird Park, my friend and I continued to walk towards the middle of the lake. Here, we saw many milky storks.

 photo P1260265_zpskp9angcm.jpg

I have never seen these birds so up close before, so it was a great experience for me.

 photo P1260269_zpsqvpwprqi.jpg

It appears that these milky storks are highly protected bird species in Malaysia.

 photo P1260270_zps2nwms1mo.jpg

We also saw many peacocks walking around freely. Took a shot of this man taking a photo of the woman, but of course all I actually wanted was to take a photo of the peacock. Lol.

 photo P1260271_zpsvhodmvqk.jpg

Another beautiful peacock!

 photo P1260276_zpsspmeoelc.jpg

A tourist attempting to take pictures of the peacocks with his camera.

 photo P1260277_zpsufndlfjy.jpg

I was waiting for the peacocks to display their beautiful feathers but no such luck.

 photo P1260279_zps2i5cm1yu.jpg

Look at these birds! What were they doing?

 photo P1260281_zpsglzdh1fn.jpg

The view of the waterfall from the middle part of the lake.

 photo P1260283_zpswttxopxl.jpg

Another photo of the colorful peacock! Did you know that the word peacock refers to the male bird? The female peacock is actually known as a peahen!

 photo P1260288_zps69it2sm7.jpg

More photos of the milky storks.

 photo P1260290_zpslvidchio.jpg

I wonder if they eat the fishes in the lake as I have never seen them do that.

 photo P1260289_zpswmmx3mok.jpg

Maybe I will go for the feeding session next time I visit KL Bird Park. Should be interesting.

 photo P1260293_zpswjloilgk.jpg

Another view of the waterfall from the side.

 photo P1260298_zpsagiimehx.jpg

We continued to walk and soon reached the Amphitheatre.

 photo P1260302_zpsbs1wxurk.jpg

Bird shows are held here at the semi-open air Amphitheatre at 12.30pm and 3.30pm daily. Unfortunately, during my visit, the timing was all wrong and we did not get to see any bird performances.

 photo P1260307_zpsgf4moccn.jpg

Next, we reached the Flightless Birds area. Here, you can get to feed the some of the largest bird species on earth - the ostrich and the emu!

 photo P1260329_zpswk82fdx7.jpg

OK, I really do not know the difference between an ostrich and an emu. Are these ostriches or emus?

 photo P1260315_zpstvm38xck.jpg

I think this is an ostrich. Ostrich has longer necks compared to an emu, right? Please correct me if I am wrong, lol.

 photo P1260317_zpsfpudhuci.jpg

Feeding the ostrich.

 photo P1260320_zpsbe9xbpzd.jpg

An ostrich poking its head inside. I wonder if it had ever knocked its head against the grill. Lol.

 photo P1260324_zps6fr8yfca.jpg

A kid attempting to feed the ostrich behind the safe protection of the wall.  Did you know that although the ostriches looks tame, they can actually kill you if you provoke them? Besides running faster than any humans, they can kill you with a forceful kick of their leg that is also armed with sharp talons at the toes!

 photo P1260326_zpsfdithb3q.jpg

Leaving the Flightless Bird area, we were back in Zone 3 at the Hornbill Park.

 photo P1260339_zpspmiapqql.jpg

Not sure where we were at this point, but we saw a lot of milky storks here.

 photo P1260345_zpsuhvu7mni.jpg

They were all over the place! So I guess we were back at Zone 1 where the free-flight birds are. Zone 1 and Zone 2 are the two areas in KL Bird Park where birds fly around and mingle freely with each other. No cages here!

 photo P1260346_zpsmgnndmgl.jpg

Close shot of one of the storks.

 photo P1260348_zps7z5ilh23.jpg

All freely walking around near the pond.

 photo P1260349_zpsbfn685dt.jpg

More photos.

 photo P1260353_zpshapemiad.jpg

A woman squatting down to take pictures of these birds.

 photo P1260355_zpskbhat2uh.jpg

Not sure what bird this is. Hmm, is it an egret? Wait, did I ask the same question in Part 1? Lol.

 photo P1260356_zpsdmbrdtlq.jpg

I spotted a crowned pigeon again. If you recall, I mentioned about this blue bird with red eyes in Part 1.

 photo P1260357_zpsuwftyhqj.jpg

A trio of birds - the crowned pigeon, the peacock and .... I think I shall call it the egret. Are they close friends perhaps? :)

 photo P1260358_zpsr1bzrxlz.jpg

I spotted an ibis up close!

 photo P1260363_zpsdde1xwlm.jpg

More photos of the ibis.

 photo P1260367_zpsdlpaplxq.jpg

Notice that it has jumped over to the outer pole?

 photo P1260369_zpsvps6412g.jpg

Ibises and milky storks. They are wading birds as they like to stay near the pond.

 photo P1260372_zpszzfg1hkb.jpg

Ooh! Captured a close shot of a crowned pigeon!

 photo P1260375_zpsah86x0ol.jpg

The crowned pigeon walked past a mini cafe.

 photo P1260376_zpstktheitm.jpg

It appeared that all these wading birds - storks, egrets and ibises - are actually at the same pond with the flamingos! So this pond is actually known as the Flamingo Pond.

 photo P1260381_zpszoxzd4em.jpg

Look at the flamingos with their long legs! And yes, flamingos are wading birds too.

 photo P1260382_zps1fhx2hkp.jpg

OK, let's do a quick quiz. What is this bird called?

 photo P1260383_zpseptyddvj.jpg

And this?

 photo P1260390_zps3ejva4nc.jpg

How about this?

 photo P1260392_zps9tugdtti.jpg

Answers : The first one is an ibis. The second one is an egret. And the third is of course, an ibis :)

 photo P1260393_zpsmhyzyumd.jpg

Not sure why the pond looks so green!

 photo P1260394_zpsitgehhhk.jpg

Oh, this egret managed to reach the small island in the middle of the pond.

 photo P1260395_zpsqmxccads.jpg

We left the Flamingo Pond and walked towards a bridge.

 photo P1260400_zps7ch6gmvr.jpg

The sign board pointed us to the direction of Zone 2.

 photo P1260402_zpsuwmhayjg.jpg

There's a river here at Zone 2.

 photo P1260404_zpsznmsbg7v.jpg

More ibises could be spotted here.

 photo P1260408_zps0olsqtuq.jpg

Along the wooden bridge.

 photo P1260413_zps0sratquf.jpg

These are Freshwater Birds.

 photo P1260414_zpsxptrlbbv.jpg

An information board showing the types of birds in the Freshwater category. They include ibises, egrets, storks and herons.

 photo P1260416_zpsnzzbgich.jpg

Not sure what building is that!

 photo P1260419_zpsdgcfchg5.jpg

As we walked along the path, we saw a peacock ahead of us.

 photo P1260420_zps0h4zigvq.jpg

I decided to follow the peacock.

 photo P1260427_zpsnkxgce4k.jpg

Look! It is showing its beautiful long feathers.

 photo P1260428_zpsgzdajcuf.jpg

It crosses to the other side.

 photo P1260430_zpsi5pmtmo2.jpg

The peacock is posing for my camera. Lol.

 photo P1260432_zpsxjdew78g.jpg

It showed its long flowing feathers.

 photo P1260437_zpsld2g7u1i.jpg

A close shot of its feathers.

 photo P1260438_zpsszq6bbzi.jpg

Beautiful peacock!

 photo P1260440_zpsic4yw2km.jpg

Then I stumbled onto another peacock and it was opening up its feathers! This shot was from the back.

 photo P1260444_zpsxy3domma.jpg

I quickly ran to the front and took a picture.

 photo P1260448_zpshjwih8gv.jpg

Hmm, the feathers looked kind of tired and old. I wanted to see a colourful and beautiful plummage like I see in photos.  Not this!

 photo P1260449_zpsds2wvehs.jpg

Oh well, at least I got to see one peacock showing off his feathers though he did not properly maintained them. Lol.

 photo P1260457_zpsfoj19vxu.jpg

After about 3 hours in KL Bird Park, we reached the exit. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day at the park. Honestly, I do not mind visiting again.

 photo P1260469_zpslak7ihl6.jpg

If you have never been to KL Bird Park, I recommend that you visit and spend at least 3 hours here! You will surely be entertained unless of course, you don't like birds.