The PICC And The Uncompleted Bridge In Putrajaya

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After visiting Putra Mosque, my friend and I went for lunch.

From here, we could see the Seri Wawasan Bridge in the distance.

 photo P1250819_zpszpzntcxs.jpg

We went down a tall escalator to a food court below to have our lunch. I did not take photos of our lunch as it was nothing remarkable.

 photo P1250820_zpsb4na3qud.jpg

After lunch, I brought my friend to see a flying saucer.

 photo P1250821_zpsmjgvzsdg.jpg

OK, it's a building that resembles a flying saucer to me. LOL. The building is known as Putrajaya International Convention Centre or PICC for short. It's located at the top of a hill in Precinct 5.

 photo P1250824_zpszburoh6o.jpg

The design of this unique building is actually based on the shape of the eye of a silver Malay royal belt buckle. Definitely not based on a UFO. Haha.

 photo P1250827_zpsurgda7pk.jpg

Entrance and exit to the car park.

 photo P1250825_zpsvefarhdv.jpg

We did not go into the building. Just admired it from outside.

From the top of the hill, we could also see the beautiful view of Putrajaya below.

 photo P1250828_zpsgovxv4pg.jpg

Not a bad place to hold conferences, meetings and gatherings. There's even a helipad here, though I did not take photo of it.

 photo P1250829_zpshnnybl0n.jpg

After that, we decided to visit the Iron Mosque located in Precinct 3. On the way, we stopped by the uncompleted bridge in Precinct 4. This bridge is known as the Putrajaya Monorail Suspension Bridge. 

 photo P1250832_zpse9wmxr2j.jpg

The construction of this bridge was halted halfway due to financial constraints. You can read more about this bridge from my blogpost HERE.

 photo P1250836_zpsmwjt59p5.jpg

Stay tuned for my next post on the Iron Mosque!