Feng Shui 2015 According To Joey Yap (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

This is the Flying Star Chart for 2015.

 photo P1270138_zpsf57febb6.jpg

Taken from Joey Yap's seminar booklet, it is more detailed unlike the more simplified flying star chart  you normally see which only show one number in each grid. Anyway those same numbers are also in this Flying Star Chart on the bottom left of each grid.

From the chart you can see that the Star of Wealth #8 is at the North. If your main door or window is at this location, then you will enjoy wealth luck in 2015. Just using this door daily is enough to activate the wealth luck. If your front door is not at this location, all is not lost - simply use the North sector of your house more often will activate the wealth luck too.

What happens if your North sector is your toilet or bathroom? Joey Yap said in such a case, use your toilet or bathroom more often. He said it's a myth that flushing the toilet is equivalent to flushing all your wealth down the drain.

The Simplified Flying Star Chart (box in the middle) with only one number in each grid. Notice the numbers are the same as the numbers on the bottom left of each grid in the more detailed chart above?

 photo P1270136_zpsaab1a03e.jpg
Image taken from seminar booklet

If you are unable to use North sector for whatever reason, the next best sector for wealth is the South West. (Star #9). With the Fellowship hexagram, this sector is good for investment especially when done in a team. Joey Yap suggested to do your investment in the South West sector of your home.

The East sector (Star #1) is the Nobleman sector. The Trap hexagram creates an environment to hold on to customers so this sector is very good for business owners. Those with rabbit, goat or pig in their Personal Bazi Chart will be most beneficial in using this sector.

North West (Star #4) is a good sector for education. The Well hexagram which only appears in 2015, is excellent for education. The 4-6 combination makes this a good memory sector. Not only is the North West excellent for children studying for exams, it is also good for adults who are learning new things. Want to learn feng shui? Then make sure you study it at the North West!

North East (Star #6) with the Great Strength hexagram is good for executing ideas. If you want brilliant ideas to come forth and to make things happen, use North East in 2015! In fact, anything creative (like writing a book) will be best done in a room at the North East. Hmm, maybe I should put my piano in this sector so that I can compose more beautiful music in 2015. LOL!

The South East (Star #2) is where the Illness star flies in this year. Sleeping here will make you more prone to getting sick. If you remember the 2015 Bazi Chart discussed in Part 1, the Water element is weak. As such, health problem this year will most likely be related to water element, which may mean kidney problems.

Concerning health, Joey Yap touched on 3 ways to check on illness. First, check the ear - if the colour of the ear is darker complexion compared to the face, then kidney problem is a possibility. Second, check the nose - If the nose has blemishes, this might be related to digestive problem. Thirdly, check the lips - if the lips turn darker than normal, this shows circulation problem. If you have none of these 3 symptoms, then it's OK to use South East.

South East sector is also a sector used for reboot. The Peel hexagram also means starting over or reboot. If your career or life reach a plateau, then it is advisable to use South East sector to sleep or work.

South (Star #7) is the robbery sector this year. It also has the Sincerity hexagram which is indication of Peach Blossom. If you have Rat in your Personal Bazi Chart, then you already have Peach Blossom and there is no need to sleep in the South. However, Peach Blossom is not just for romantic love, it is also for relationship in your social circle. By utilising South more, you can increase your likeability factor which is crucial when dealing with others.

As mentioned in Part 1, the West sector has the Five Yellow (this is shown by the Star #5) and also the Three Killings. If you cannot move out of the West room, then you can use the solution mentioned in  Part 1 which is to activate the four auspicious stars at North East 3, South East 1,  South West 3 and North West 1.

Alternatively, you can also activate the three auspicious sectors based on the Flying Star Chart which is North (Star #8), South West (Star #9) and East (Star #1). But make sure you do this before February 4, 2015 when the energy officially changes.

The centre has Star #3 and the Biting hexagram this year. This is the argument star so expect lots of arguments to happen in 2015. This being in the centre means it will affect the whole household. However, Joey Yap said the centre is also a good sector for reproduction. Those of you looking to have a baby this year may want to consider using the centre but if you do not have a private room in the centre of your house then consider a room in the South West instead. Do not use South East (Star #2) for this purpose as it has the Peel hexagram which also means 'elimination'.

The Flying Star Chart can also be used to study the luck of different countries in the world. Joey Yap mentioned that since the West sector has the Five Yellow and Three Killings this year, Western countries will suffer from many conflicts this year.

Using the same logic, I decided to make my own analysis from the Flying Star Chart. Since the #3 Argument Star is in the centre, does it mean that Central Asia and Middle East will suffer from more argument and battles? I really hope not! And since my country Malaysia is in South East, will the countries in this region suffer from the #2 Illness Star - possible more diseases and epidemics like the bird flu? Oh no!!

 photo Face Reading_zpsyy6g8wyb.jpg
Image taken from Joey Yap's book

Joey Yap also touched a little on Face Reading. How to know if a person has good fortune? First look at his eyes. They should be sharp and alert. Secondly, you should be able to fit in 2 fingers on his Life Palace (the space between the eyebrows). The life palace should also be fleshy and bright. Lines or dark patches or a mole on the life palace would indicate not so favourable fortune. Thirdly, his Career Palace (the forehead) should should be bright and be able to fit in 5 fingers (for male) or 4 fingers (for female).

Talking about moles, Joey Yap mentioned that moles only act as indication of your luck. Removing the moles will not change your luck as it is not the mole that is causing your bad luck.

Joey Yap also shared with us Face Reading on the subject of infidelity.  If the person has watery eyes or marble-like eyes,  then he or she is likely to be having a love affair. Also, observe the lines at the side of the eyes. If the lines are long and extended till the Spouse Palace, that means the spouse already knew about the affair.

During the second half of the seminar, Joey Yap talked about Qi Men Dun Jia, another branch of Chinese metaphysics. There are two types of QMDJ methods - one is San Yuan method which is based on sitting position. I have blogged about this method last year so I will not repeat here. You can read about it HERE.

This is the Qi Men Dun Jia Chart for 2015

 photo P1270144_zps0b76a4f3.jpg
Image taken from seminar booklet

The other is Five Charm method, which Joey Yap introduced this year. This is for people who can't use the San Yuan Method of sitting and asking simply because they are not good at going to Alpha state. (You need to go down to Alpha state before doing the asking. Not sure what I am talking about? Refer to the blogpost HERE).

This is how you use the Five Charm method. Now I am not sure if I get this part right. If you were there at the seminar, please correct me if I am wrong. In your Personal Bazi Chart, you can see the Qi Men Mobility Directions. It looks something like this.

 photo P1270132_zpsjuz0zzia.jpg
Image taken from seminar booklet

Each direction has a General star. For example in the image above, West has Green Dragon, South has Moon, South West has Celestial Advisor and so on. Joey Yap said choose only 4 Generals namely Green Dragon (best), Celestial Advisor, Heavenly Noble and Moon.

Green Dragon is supposed to remove all obstacles and possess invincibility. Unfortunately, Joey Yap did not elaborate on the other General stars. I suppose he is reserving them for his upcoming seminar. Partly that, and also partly because of lack of time to explain everything.

Anyway, if you plan to use Green Dragon in the case above, then you need to travel in the West direction. For example, if you are going to an important meeting to close a deal, you need to make sure you are heading Westward to the meeting place. If the meeting place is not in the West direction, you need to go somewhere to the East of the meeting place, stay there overnight, before heading West the next day. In this way you are making use of the Green Dragon direction.

Note : The direction of the General stars change every year. It is calculated based on your date of birth so you will have a new set of chart after your birthday each year.

Now I know you have all been waiting for the Activation Dates and Times, but I am sorry to say that this post is getting a bit too long already! So I will have to defer that to Part 3. Stay tuned!

To be continued .....