My Top 10 Breakfast Choices

Posted by : foongpc | Thursday, September 1, 2011 | Published in


My daily breakfast is made up of fruits, fruits and more fruits which I eat at home.

But sometimes, I like to go out for breakfast. This happens like once or twice a week. These "outside" breakfasts are usually not as healthy as my "fruits only" breakfast but I guess it's OK to indulge once in a while right?

So where do I go for breakfasts? These are some of the places I enjoy going to and the food that I most likely order.

1. Otak Otak Place
Toast with butter and kaya, half boiled eggs and coffee with cracker

2. PappaRich
Half boiled eggs, steamed bread with butter and kaya and a cup of hot Milo

3. Departure Lounge
Breakfast set comprising sausages, baked beans, ham, scrambled eggs, pancake and toast with butter and jam.

Plus a cup of espresso macchiato

4. Austin Chase
Breakfast set comprising toasts with salmon and scrambled eggs, baked beans and hash brown plus a cup of brewed coffee

5. OldTown White Coffee
Steamed bread with butter and kaya

with a cup of hot milk tea

6. Canton-i
You tiao (chinese crullers) with hot soya milk

Plus egg tarts

and a cup of yin yang milk tea

7. EspresSoup
Mushroom soup in German farmer bread

before eating

halfway eating

8. One Kopitiam
Egg butter sandwich

And a bowl of bubur cha cha

9. Jin Xuan (Hong Kong) Restaurant
Dim sum

10. McDonalds
Filet-o-fish and Apple pie

Regular readers might be surprised to see McDonalds in this list. Well, I don't really like McD but I am just including it to make the list a complete 10. Haha!

For the record, I have never eaten nasi lemak, char koay teow, noodles, roti canai and porridge for breakfast (except during travels). Well, I don't like porridge but maybe I should give nasi lemak and roti canai a try one of these days. Who knows I might just like them for breakfast?

Meantime, I am craving for Kelloggs cornflakes in cold HL milk.