What A Pitch!

Posted by : foongpc | Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | Published in


Monday was Wesak Day. I don't celebrate it so it's just a normal public holiday for me. Usually on a holiday like this, I meet up with friends to "lepak" in one of our large shopping complexes in the city. We go watch a movie, maybe go for a game or two of bowling, do some shopping, and of course, sit for hours at a good cafe or eatery to simply chit chat away.

Sometimes we go for karaoke too, depending on which friends I go out with. Some friends simply can't sing to save their lives, so they avoid karaoke like the plague. And that's all for the better because one thing I can't stand is having to sing with someone who sing a song completely out of pitch! You know how it's like - before we reach the second verse, I don't even know which key I am in!

Strangely enough, these "tone deaf" friends of mine don't seem to realise they are really "pitchy" as Randy Jackson of American Idol would say. Unlike Randy who would say "There's a couple of pitchy problems here and there", my "tone deaf" friends were "pitchy" all the way throughout the song! I'm not joking! They would sing even louder than me and by the time we finish the song, they would have made a complete mess of the otherwise perfectly beautiful song. Oh you can just see them beaming from head to toe as if they have just out-sing the original singer of the song. By the way, the original singer is Mariah Carey.

Now I am not saying I am a great singer. Heck! I can't even make it as a good karaoke singer. In fact, singing is just a part time hobby that I occasionally indulge in. And don't anyone dare ask me to sing in front of a large crowd. I only sing with a couple of friends - in small cubicle karaoke rooms. But, and this is a big BUT, I do sing in pitch. OK, maybe not in perfect pitch all the time, but at least not out of pitch most of the time!

Luckily for me, most of my "tone deaf" friends know what to do and they either don't join me for karaoke or if they do, they just sit and listen while others sing. Well if they go for the latter, I'm all for it because then I get to sing more songs and still pay the same amount (if you know what I mean - he he)

But there's two or three who insist that they join us for karaoke. Of course when they insist, I can't say no, can I? Maybe I should be brave enough and just tell them the truth. What they don't want to hear. Alas, I'm too nice for that. So, I'll either think of one hundred excuses why I am not able to turn up for the karaoke sessions, or I'll simply choose a song so unpopular with the common crowd that none of my "tone deaf" friends know how to sing the song! Aha! Then I will have the mike all to myself. Yippee!