Decisions! Decisions!

Posted by : foongpc | Thursday, May 15, 2008 | Published in


"Zero" Free Seats! Wow! What a deal! I'm talking about the fantastic offers from AirAsia and MAS. This war of prices between the two airlines is just so wonderful for those who like to travel and simply can't afford it. It's time to start booking for my next holiday trip... or trips!

Now let me see, where shall I go? Let's focus on the domestic destinations. I know, I know, AirAsia just launched the free seats for International flights - so I'm really feeling all mixed up now. Should I go Bali? Hong Kong? Siem Reap? Hey, Macau is not bad! That's according to my friend who went there last year.

Oh, I'm supposed to focus on the domestic flights first. OK, let's see... I love to go Penang. It's a wonderful place. But haven't been to Langkawi - can you imagine? I'm ashamed but yes, I, a Malaysian, have never stepped onto Langkawi shores when millions of tourists overseas have been there.

Then again, I always yearn to go climb Mount Kinabalu. I actually planned for this mountain climbing trip 2 years ago but it never materialised. The first time, I realised I was simply not fit enough. Running up a few flight of stairs already left me panting, how to climb the mountain? The second time, I'm fitter (a little - ha ha!) but found out the Laban Rata lodge (which is midway up the mountain) fully booked! It seemed you have to book a few months in advance as they have limited rooms. So, now I'm more prepared. I can book 6 months in advance giving me time to also do some intense exercise and training. Good! I shall make my dreams come true this time! But I still want to go Langkawi! And not forgetting all those wonderful beaches on the east coast! Oh, I'm spoilt for choice and I've a limited budget, but to make matters worse, I can't resist the overseas trips! How lah?

I know time is of the essence. Even as I struggle to make up my mind, the flight tickets are being taken. The days to book the cheap tickets are numbered. So, I better stop blogging and go straight to right now to book my flights! Whether it is Langkawi or Kinabalu or Bali or all three I gotta make up my mind right now!! And of course, if any readers are so kind as to sponsor my trips, please write to me now and I'll gladly welcome you to join me on my trips! Ha ha!