Feng Shui 2017 According To Joey Yap (Part 4)

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This is the final part of my Feng Shui 2017 According to Joey Yap series.

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Some people say that if you believe in yourself and you are positive minded, you don't need feng shui. Well, is this true?

According to Joey Yap, it is true only IF you have the discipline and the burning desire to succeed. Most of us do not have both discipline and burning desire, so we need feng shui to help us out. 

In this final instalment, I will share about Flying Stars Feng Shui. This is the Flying Star Chart for 2017, Year of the Fire Rooster.

Image taken from seminar booklet

How do you use this chart? First, stand in the middle of your house and using a compass, determine all the nine sectors in your house. You can also superimpose this chart onto your house floor plan.

The good sectors are the sectors with numbers 9, 8, 4 and 6. This means for the year 2017, the good sectors are South East, East, North East and North respectively. Note that the numbers "fly" to a different location or sector every year and for this reason, a good sector does not remain good forever. Similarly, a bad sector does not stay bad forever. As such, you need to update your feng shui every year.

So how do you benefit from the good sectors? According to Joey Yap, feng shui is akin to free wifi in the environment. To benefit, you have to be in the area where you have greater wifi signal. In other words, to tap the qi from the good sectors, you have to use those sectors more often. You can do your work or sleep in those areas or simply spend more time there.

Let's go into a bit more detail on each of the good sectors.

The number 9 in the South East represents investments and promotion. This is good for those who wish to leverage and compound their wealth.

But if you do not have wealth yet, it is more important to focus on academic (number 4, North East). You need to learn new skills and convert that to wealth. If you want to rise in rankings in your job, the only way is to learn new skills and therefore activating your academic luck is very important.

However, if you think it's office politics that is preventing you from climbing the corporate ladder, then activate North (number 6). This will give you more power and authority to fight petty people and to get things done. Spending more time in this sector also helps for people who are starting a business.

If you have cash-flow problem and money is tight, spend more time in the East (number 8).

According to Joey Yap, you do not need to place any objects or feng shui items to activate any of good sectors. All you need to do is spend time in the good sectors. However, if for some reason or other you are unable to do so, you can also activate using water placement.

The worst sector in 2017 is the South as the Five Yellow is here. The Five Yellow is the most dreaded affliction in feng shui. Joey Yap described it like this...

If you have a great personal Bazi chart, and you have all the good elements or stars in 2017, but you sleep or work in the South, then most of the good things you are supposed to enjoy in 2017 will be neutralized.

If you have a bad personal Bazi chart, and you have mostly bad elements (eg Monkey in all your four pillars) and you sleep in the South, then you are sure to have a very bad year.

How does the Five Yellow affects you? It depends on your Bazi chart. For example, if you are born in the month of Snake, and you sleep in the South, then your career will be affected. This is because the month pillar in the Bazi chart represents career.

Know that just because you have a Snake in your month pillar does not necessarily mean you will suffer a career problem in 2017. But if it is coupled with a bad environment, for example, you sleep in the South where the Five Yellow is, then you will suffer a setback in your career.

So if your bedroom is in the South, then just by looking at your Bazi, you will be able to predict what problems you will suffer from this year. Is it a career, health or relationship problem? Let's say you have Monkey in your chart, then you can be quite sure that your health will be affected this year.

How to mitigate this problem? Moving out of the bedroom is the best option. If not able to, then Joey Yap suggested that first, very importantly, do not renovate the South as this will aggravate the Five Yellow. Secondly, activate all the good sectors so that overall, you will have positives overcoming the negatives. Thirdly, place a heavy metal object to lessen the effects of the Five Yellow.

North West is where the Illness star (number 2) resides in 2017. If you sleep in the North West and you have the top 3 illness signs in your Bazi Chart (ie. Monkey, Ox and Rooster), then you really have to be prepared for major health problems this year.

West is where the Argument star (number 3) flies into this year. If you hate arguments, don't stay in this sector. But if you like new ideas and don't mind being challenged, then the West is probably a good place for you.

If your relationship with your spouse is already bad, and you both sleep in the West, then expect the relationship to get worse. If however your relationship with your other half is good, then you may experience some arguments this year.

The South West sector (number 7) is good for sales, branding, and addiction. If you want customers to be addicted to you or your brand, then this is a good sector to create that addiction. The downside is, you might also get addicted to drinking and smoking using this sector. So whether good or bad really depends on you.

Next, I would like to share about the 12 Animal Signs Assistants and Helpers in 2017.

Sorry if this chart is not clear. Please magnify it to see clearer.

What is this chart all about? This is about getting people to help you solve your problems. In Joey Yap's own words - "this chart will save your ass but involve sacrificing your friends".

How does it work? Let's say you have Snake in your month pillar. This means your career is having problem. Imagine this scenario. One day,  your boss calls you into his office. You know you are in deep shit and may probably get fired. Before you see your boss, you check out the chart and you notice that the Snake has helpers in Ox, Dragon and Monkey. As you go in,  you ask a friend who is an Ox or Dragon or Monkey to follow you. For some reason during the meeting with your boss, your friend gets all the blame. He is fired, but you are safe!

Another example. Let's say you have Monkey in your chart (this indicates relationship problem with your spouse). Checking the chart, you notice Monkey has helpers in Dog, Ox and Horse. You get a friend who is an Ox to help you talk to your spouse. Somehow your friend gets blamed. He no longer wants to be friends with you, but your relationship with your spouse is safe!

As you can see, this chart is very useful to save yourself but it also means sacrificing your friends. Would you do it? That is entirely up to you. I am just simply sharing what Joey Yap taught in his seminar. LOL.

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I shared from Joey Yap's seminar. If you find all these a little too confusing and overwhelming, but want to improve your feng shui, I may be able to help you. I now offer online consultation for Bazi reading, date selection, and feng shui audit at reasonable prices. Just drop me an email at mvfblog@gmail.com for more details!