The Morning After (Christmas Day)

Posted by : foongpc | Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | Published in


Merry Christmas everyone!! Even though it's a bit late to wish Merry Christmas, it's better late than never right? Anyway, I'm still in Chrismassy mood and will remain in this state till the end of the year.

Over here in Malaysia, it never snows. But it has been raining quite a lot lately. The rain gave me some inspiration when I sat down to play on my piano. I made a recording of my impromptu playing and here is the result. I'm naming it "The Morning After". After Christmas Day, that is. 

Have a listen. Try to listen in a quiet environment as this piano piece is soothing and relaxing and will not work in a noisy place. Alternatively, listen using your ear phone for best sound quality. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing it! :) 

Note : This recording and work is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.