Sunset By The Sea

Posted by : foongpc | Thursday, October 1, 2015 | Published in


The other day I was lazily playing on my piano when out of the blue, this tune came into my mind. Very quickly, I took out my iPhone and recorded my impromptu composition.

 photo P1080456.jpg

I was glad I managed to play the whole song without making too many mistakes. The first attempt is always the best for me. Usually, when I try to play and record a second time, it would somehow not sound as good.

This song makes me feel I am by the seaside watching the waves lapping on the shore while the sun is setting over the horizon. I am not sure if it gives you the same feeling. Perhaps it will evoke a different ambience and mood for you.

Do have a listen and let me know what images you have in your mind while listening to it. Enjoy! :)

Note: This work and recording is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

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